Volume 56, Issue 5


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MEMS Need Comprehensive, Market-Ready Solutions

Microelectromechanical systems -- commonly known as MEMS -- applications are on the rise. In fact, the MEMS market is currently outpacing overall IC market growth at a rate that is twice as fast and is expected to be a $20B US market as early as 2017. Why the uptick in MEMS use? The consumer (primarily handheld) and automotive markets hold the answer for now, but other market sectors such as me... July 19, 2013
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Rapid Defect Indentification with Layout-Aware Diagnosis

Scan logic diagnosis is a powerful tool to help failure analysis engineers determine the root cause of a failing die. Yield engineers, on the other hand, are interested in statistical analysis of volumes of high-quality diagnosis results to determine yield limiters. To be of value for both engineers, a diagnosis tool needs to be Accurate, With high resolution and Meaningful defect classificati... April 05, 2013
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Flip Chip Devices get Flat and Happy

Thin is definitely in, but what our modern flip chip devices really want is to be flat and happy! As flip chip die have become increasingly thinner in recent years, the ability to control package warpage –i.e. maintain a relative degree of “flatness” -- has become more and more challenging. And, it’s not just the die that are getting thinner: substrates also have much lower profiles than ever b... March 25, 2013
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Surface Cleaning and Preparation

May 16, 2013

This introduction requires the development of new critical and selective cleans tackling galvanic corrosion, pattern collapse both in FEOL and BEOL process steps.  An additional challenge is that the reduction in device size and an increase in device topography makes the removal of small particles even more challenging.

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450mm Status Report

April 03, 2013

Hear from the G450C General Manager, Paul Farrar Jr., on the current status of activities, key milestones and schedules, and imec’s senior business development director, Lode Lauwers, on why 450mm is important for Europe, and the status of 450mm research on processes and devices.

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Innovation in Semiconductor Manufacturing Instrumentation

March 05, 2013

As the semiconductor industry moves toward smaller geometries, manufacturing processes are becoming more complex. In particular, they’re more demanding of all the variable parameters on a process tool, including process gas accuracy. Cutting down on variability in the process positively impacts productivity and yield.

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