Dow Corning newest moldable optical silicone expands options for more reliable LEDs

Dow Corning introduced new Dow Corning MS-2002 Moldable White Reflector Silicone at Strategies in Light Europe 2013. This highly reflective white material extends the excellent photo-thermal stability and high-moldability that typifies Dow Corning’s award-winning optical-grade Moldable Silicone family to the reflective elements of LED lamp and luminaire applications. Dow Corning MS-2002 Moldable White Reflector Silicone targets reflectivity as high as 98 percent to help further boost light output from LED devices, improve overall energy efficiency and prolong device reliability.

“Dow Corning is committed to driving new innovations in current and next-generation LED lighting designs and expanding opportunities for solid-state sources to compete with traditional illumination sources in more demanding high-intensity lighting applications,” said Hugo da Silva, global industry director, LED Lighting at Dow Corning. “Our advanced new Dow Corning MS-2002 Silicone extends the design, processing and performance benefits of our Moldable Silicone portfolio beyond transparent LED lens elements to include the reflective elements of LED lamp and luminaire applications.”

Like other products in Dow Corning’s line of high-performance LED silicones, its advanced new Dow Corning MS-2002 Silicone delivers mechanical, thermal and optical stability at temperatures exceeding 150° C. That means, unlike epoxies, polycarbonate, acrylic and other conventional LED materials, Dow Corning MS-2002 Moldable White Reflector Silicone retains superb color, reflectance and mechanical performance over the lifetime of an LED lamp or luminaire without yellowing or physical degradation. As the market demands LED sources to deliver more intense light from comparatively smaller package sizes, these qualities are highly desirable for reflective LED materials.

The easy processability and high moldability of Dow Corning MS-2002 Moldable White Reflector Silicone also greatly expands design latitudes for LED lamp and luminaire applications. With its high reflectivity and bright white color, this new high-performance silicone product does not require the additional mixture of liquid silicone rubber or color pigmentation. Its extreme thermal and optical stability enables development of parts with direct contact with LED dies without air gaps between the die and optics, avoiding design limits common with organic LED materials.

Dow Corning MS-2002 Moldable White Reflector Silicone also exhibits excellent feature reproduction, which allows mold undercuts or co-molding with Dow Corning transparent materials. It is a high viscosity, high 84 Shore A hardness, fast-curing material able to produce fine details and deliver good resistance to environmental aging.

Dow Corning MS-2002 Silicone, as well as other products from Dow Corning’s portfolio of solutions for LED lamps and luminaires, are being featured at the company’s booth (Booth B25) at Strategies in Light Europe.


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