Surface Mount Technology White Papers:
Surface Mount Technology White Papers

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Sustainability Commitment A Key Driver for Product Development
There's a lot of talk about sustainability these days. While some firms have truly embraced a plan to drive toward more environmentally responsible products and ...
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Using Hansen Space to Optimize Solvent Based Cleaning Processes
What is an optimized cleaning process? Is it based solely upon removing the residue, or is it more? Of course it is more. We do not want to remove the labels or ...
Next Best Thing to a Close Shave: Mitigating the Risks of Tin Whiskers
by Brian Toleno, Ph.D., Henkel CorporationIf you've been in electronics for any length of time, the phenomenon of tin whiskers is something you've likely heard discussed ...
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Conductive Film for RF Grounding Can Take the Heat
Historically electrically conductive interfaces have been used for RF grounding assembly applications primarily due to their performance and processing benefits....
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New Corrosion-Resistant Conductive Adhesive for Consumer Applications Delivers Cost-efficient Alternative to Current Technologies
For nearly two decades, flip chip technology has been widely used and accepted for several mainstream and high-end applications including flat panel displays and ...
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Flux gets its FillNew Epoxy Flux Material Offers Underfill Protection
Though fluxing - or no-flow - underfills have been on the market for some time, the drawbacks of these older generation materials have prevented their widespread ...
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Circuit Board Protection Without Compromise: Why Proper Materials Selection and Compatibility are Essential for Conformal Coating Success
With numerous potential applications and a plethora of formulations from which to choose, it is often difficult to know how to select the best conformal coating ...
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Providing Stability in Challenging Environments - New Silicone Material Does the Trick
Connecting and disconnecting control boards. Plugging and unplugging cables into computers. Constant vibration onboard automotive modules and construction equipment. ...
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Tightening Up Type 4
Though the majority of assemblers are using Type 3 solder paste for most of today’s mainstream applications, the prevalence of finer-pitched devices is growing. ...
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