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New Test and Inspection Products (Oct 28, 2009)

These are the new advances in flying probes, in-circuit test (ICT), AOI, test contactors and probes, boundary scan, and more test and inspection systems.

How Testable Are Your Circuit Board Designs? (Sep 28, 2009)

In today’s electronic design and manufacturing climate, there is increasing emphasis on improved product yield through better quality and streamlined manufacturing processes. The ability to systematically verify that board designs have been developed with adequate design for test (DfT) helps determine a product’s overall testability and define the optimum test strategy for maximum fault coverage. DfT also means that design and test people can work more efficiently, as all designs are analyzed in the same manner, using industry-standard and company-specific DfT guidelines. Peter Collins, Aster Technologies, explains.

Testing the Reliability of BGAs (Jul 8, 2009)
By Ching-Mai Ko, Ming-Kun Chen, Yu-Jung Huang, and Shen-Li Fu, I-Shou University
In BGA socket test, avoiding damage to the solder balls while maintaining a high compression force and a stable contact resistance is key. Contact resistance distribution plays a vital role in device reliability. Socket contact degradation can degrade first test yield and increase retest time. Contact degradation can be used as a contact clean guideline.
Overcoming Bead Probe Contact Challenges
Part I: Bead Probe Compression
(Jun 5, 2009)
By Michael Farrell Sr., Agilent Technologies and Brian Crisp and Ken Snyder, Everett Charles Technologies
Test access on modern PCB assemblies is a major challenge. Bead probe technology resolves many of the issues test engineers face. This two-part article provides best practice recommendations for bead probe implementation, PCB design for test (DfT), and product selection.
Surface Mount Technology Industry News
Productronica Show Preview: Materials (Oct 27, 2009)

The Munich Electronics Summit and productronica will take place November 10–13 in Munich. Following are consummables for component attach, cleaning, and more, including laminates, solders, adhesives, dispensing cartridges, cleaning formulae, etc., that will be featured at the show.

Productronica Show Preview: Equipment (Oct 27, 2009)

The Munich Electronics Summit and productronica will take place November 10–13 in Munich. Following are exhibitor previews for the equipment at the show, including inspection systems, programmers, screen printers and tooling, pick-and-place systems, and more.

SME Releases the Kaizen Event Fieldbook (Oct 26, 2009)

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) published Kaizen Event Fieldbook: Foundation, Framework & Standard Work for Effective Events, which details the strategies, tools, and techniques necessary for conducting effective lean events

Endicott Interconnect Fabricates Set-up PCB for Space Application (Oct 26, 2009)

Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc. (EI) delivered a complex, ruggedized printed circuit board (PCB) to STI Electronics Inc. (STI), designed to meet the unique temperature, reliability, performance, vibration, and G-force requirements for a space application. EI, with support from STI, developed a unique method of fabricating a double-sided PCB with a single-tier cavity on a 50-mil copper core.

ZVEI Launches PCB and Electronic Systems Association (Oct 23, 2009)

ZVEI PCB and Electronic Systems founded by the current members of the Association of PCB Industry (VdL) and members of the PCB, integrated circuit (IC), and component industry in the ZVEI Association for Electronic Components and Systems. Wolfgang Bochtler (Freudenberg Mektec Europe GmbH) will officially begin the association’s work as its elected chairman.

Test and Inspection Videos
Gabe Gonzalez, SPEA, shows SMT a flying probe ICT system that tests to specifications for fast, economical component-level test.; board test; component verification; flying probe; ICT; in-circuit test; test; Jon Dupree, YXLON, describes the importance of X-ray inspection for new packages, sophisticated PCBs, and harsh-environment assemblies.; Computed Tomography; CT; embedded PCB; harsh environment; HDI; packages; X-ray inspection; Brian D'Amico, president, Mirtec, demonstrates laser AOI and other features on their inspection systems.; AOI; automatic optical inspection; laser inspection; lifted leads; Mirtec; Christian Munoz, Hirox, shows us their new digital microscope with plastic prism, inspecting a reflowed BGA.; BGA inspection; digital microscope; Hirox; low-cost inspection; SMTAI; Michael Konrad, SMT advisor, shows us Aqueous?s Trident cleaning equipment. The system prewashes, washes, dries, and cleanliness tests at each rinse cycle. ; aqueous; cleaning; cleanliness test; defluxing; PCB cleanliness; SMTAI; trident; Agilent?s sj5000 is featured, performing an AOI scan on a post-reflow assembly. The company also is highlighting lead ringer technology. ; Agilent; AOI; lead ringer; optical inspection; PCB inspection; post-reflow; pre-reflow; SMTAI; Al Cabral, marketing manager, VJ Electronix, demonstrates solder rework and X-ray inspection with the company's new machines.; 2D X-ray; manual inspection; rework; VJ Electronix; X-ray inspection; Paul Walter, Dage, shows Gail Flower their quick-view CT, dual-monitor operator interface, and XD7500 NT inspection system. ; AOI; apex; AXI; computerized tomography; CT; Dage; inspection; x-ray; Steve Glass, RMD, demonstrates their handheld XRF elemental analyzer's new features: an ergonomic stand, solder analysis capability, and "Quick Mode."; apex; components; lead-free; rmd; RoHS; Screening; solder analysis; XRF; Mike Foster of Dynatech/Samsung walks Gail Flower through the SM series complete SMT line at the show. Featured equipment includes screen printer, pick-and-place systems, and more.; apex; Dynatech; pick-and-place; printer; samsung; smt line; Volker Pape, founder of Viscom, traces the company timeline and reveals details of the 3088-II mid-range inspection system to Gail Flower.; AOI; apex; AXI; inspection; optical; viscom; x-ray; Paul Ruo, National Sales Manager for Aries, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Aries Semicon West 2008 packaging; Jim Price of Sony Manufacturing Systems America debuts the SI-P850 screen printer and SI-V200 AOI system to North American assemblers at the show.; AOI; inspection; Printing; screen printer; Sony Manufacturing Systems; Peter van den Eijnden, JTAG, praises the APEX atmosphere and tells Gail Flower about JTAG/boundary scan's capabilities. ; apex; boundary scan; JTAG; test; Don Miller, YESTech, walks us through 3D AXI advances, and the emerging inspection market for conformal coatings.; 3D X-ray; apex; conformal coating; inspection; YESTech; Barbara Duvall, Seica, introduces the Pilot V8 flying prober's features to managing editor Meredith Courtemanche.; apex; flying probe; Seica; test; test point access; Dage's Paul Walter, Managing Director, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; packaging Dage Semicon West 2008; SMT examines the latest AOI, AXI, X-ray and XRF inspection systems, as well as next-generation testers for ICT, functional test, and boundary scan. Reliability concerns are addressed with SIR and ESD testing.
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