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New Design Products (Nov 3, 2009)

Following are design software packages and upgrades that simplify, automate, and otherwise improve PCB design, design for excellence (DfX), and other aspects of new product introduction.

Board-level Thermal Management: 3D Heat Removal (Jul 12, 2009)
By Paul A. Magill, Ph.D., Nextreme Thermal Solutions
The paradigm driving PCB-level design has always been cost. However, IC-generated heat on these boards has increased in modern designs. Frequently, the heat generated by these die leads to hot spot formation on the circuit boards. As board designs progress, a combination of active and passive and bottom, top, and lateral thermal management is needed.
Thermal Management: The New Generation of CFD (Jul 8, 2009)

By Meredith Courtemanche, managing editor
Major design companies have released new thermal management solutions recently, prompting a look at the various technologies that can keep complex electronics functioning properly, regardless of their workload. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations are getting faster and more accurate.

Thermal Management Issues Resolved by Optimizing Airflow in Chassis (Jun 19, 2009)
By Chris Heard, Amphenol
This case study examines a leading-edge chassis design from the thermal management perspective. Through increasingly detailed simulation environments, the system designer was able to optimize airflow, verify the design's feasibility, and circumvent possible thermal problems as the design progressed.
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More productronica Exhibits (Nov 3, 2009)

productronica 2009 will take place November 10–13 in Munich, Germany. Following are more new and flagship products to see at the electronics manufacturing tradeshow, not featured in our Productronica Show Preview: Materials, Productronica Show Preview: Equipment, or productronica 2009: Product Showcase.

productronica 2009 Online Columns and Webcasts (Nov 2, 2009)

productronica 2009 will take place November 10–13 in Munich. The productronica 2009 Website now offers articles, webcasts, and podcasts with commentary and helpful opinions from world experts in a number of disciplines.

September Book-to-Bill Above Parity: 1.08 (Oct 30, 2009)

IPC announced the September findings from its monthly North American PCB Statistical Program. “We’re finally starting to see the turnaround in the September numbers for the North American PCB industry,” said IPC president Denny McGuirk. “Both rigid PCB and flexible circuit sales and orders are up by double digits compared to August. Rigid PCB sales and orders are still below September of last year, but the rate of decline is shrinking. Flexible circuit business is ahead of September last year. The most promising indicator is the book-to-bill ratio at 1.08,” he added. “It has been above parity for five consecutive months.”

Henderson Forecast: 2009 Was Perfect Storm for Communications Equipment (Oct 30, 2009)

Slumping mobile phone sales, excess network capacity and the protracted death of traditional telecom technology have greatly undercut the demand for communication equipment this year, according to the Henderson Ventures Forecast Summary. Heated price competition in both the handset and network equipment sectors has amplified the downturn. Much of the price pressure has come from two upstart Chinese equipment manufacturers: Huawei and ZTE, which collected substantial market share during the last few years.

Zurvahn, Celestica Form Strategic Alliance (Oct 29, 2009)

Zurvahn is affiliated with Celestica and has formed a strategic alliance that allows Celestica to use Zurvahn’s Business Centers.

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Vern Solberg, STI ? Madison, speaks on miniaturization, such as wafer-level packaging (WLP) and chip on board (COB).; BGA; Cob; Flip Chip; Miniaturization; smt; Vern Solberg; Wireless Handsets; Gene Dunn, Panasonic Factory Solutions of America, examines thin-die packaging issues that EMS providers will need to consider in board layout for bend possibilities, pick-and-place systems for picking force, and reflow for overheat concerns. ; board design; Fragile Components; Fragile Packages; Miniaturization; panasonic; pick-and-place; reflow; smt; Thin Die; James Holova, BPM Microsystems, talks about device programming product lines. He describes the benefits of the Flashstream technology for flash device programming. ; BPM; device programmer; flash; flashstream; programming; SMTAI; Video 1. The video shows an integrated RF design flow using Mentor Graphics design tools in an integrated design flow with the Advanced Design System RF and microwave design solution from Agilent Technologies.; Agilent Technologies; Mentor Graphics; mixed-signal design; RF Design; Tim Nolte, BPM Microsystems, sees the device programming market growing, based on increased flash memory usage.; apex; BPM; device programming; Flash memory; flashstream; vector engine; One of Amkor's latest package offerings, FusionQuad, protects the package while making interconnects easier for fine pitch connections to the PCB.; advanced package; AmKor; BGA; fine pitch package; FusionQuad; new package style; PCB package; quad flatpack; SATS provider package; SMT explores the latest advances in design for manufacturing (DfM), design for test (DfT), DfX, layout, design software, CAD/CAM. Programmable devices and device programming also are featured.
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