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Our Relationship with the Environment (Dec 4, 2009)

SMT Editorial Advisory Board member Laura J. Turbini, Ph.D., Research in Motion, explores the path of human impact on the environment, and the environmental legislation issues it has created for the electronics production industry.

EMS Outsourcing Strategy 2010: U.S. or China? (Dec 1, 2009)

The electronics contract manufacturing business has grown tremendously in the past 10 years. Many U.S.-based companies have outsourced to EMS providers in China to reduce production costs. Some, on the other hand, have moved their production back to the U.S. Others are still pondering the best outsourcing strategy. John Koon, Express Manufacturing Inc., asks, are you looking into outsourcing? What criteria are used to develop a sound outsourcing strategy? and Does outsourcing to China guarantee lower production cost than building in the U.S.? He also shares useful criteria for creating a successful outsourcing strategy.

The Coming Manufacturing Renaissance (Nov 24, 2009)

Jennifer Read, Charlie Barnhart Associates (CBA), examines potential sustainable economic growth for electronics companies and manufacturing in general, with a trend in the new generation of students toward making real things.

Is the Migration of Electronics Manufacturing to Asia Slowing? (Nov 17, 2009)

Eric Miscoll, Charlie Barnhart Associates (CBA), looks at the 3 issues seen to be slowing the migration of electronics manufacturing to Asia: rising labor costs in China, greater consideration of proper total cost of ownership analysis in outsourcing decisions, and the new trend of insourcing by certain OEMs.

InForum's Electronics Forecast Projects 5% Industry Recovery Rate (Nov 14, 2009)

InForum’s annual Five Year Forecast for the Electronics Manufacturing Industry was released at the Silicon Valley Q4 Forum. Matt Chanoff, chief economist, described both TAM and electronics outsourcing to return to annualized growth of 5% in the next 12 to 24 months following an estimated 9% contraction for 2009.

Surface Mount Technology Industry News
Present at a Major 2010 Electronics Tradeshow Conference (Dec 4, 2009)

IPC APEX EXPO (April 6–9 in Las Vegas) and SMTA International (October 24–28 in Orlando, FL) are accepting abstracts for the technical conference programs.

Advisory Board Update: Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Presents for National Science Council of Taiwan (Dec 4, 2009)

Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D., SMT Editorial Advisory Board member and the first Asian-American woman elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering (1998), was invited to visit Taiwan by the National Science Council of Taiwan. During her 10-day visit this November, Dr. Hwang delivered keynote speeches at Hsinchu Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Taiwan University, and National Central University. She spoke on renewable energy and global competitiveness.

EMS Industry Update: NBS, Sunburst, TT, and Jabil (Dec 4, 2009)

NBS secured an $8.2 million credit facility from Silicon-Valley-based Bridge Bank, National Association; a subsidiary of Bridge Capital Holdings (NASDAQ: BBNK). TT electronics integrated manufacturing services (IMS) will begin providing electronics manufacturing services to the global rail industry. Sunburst EMS, a high mix, low- to medium-volume electronics manufacturing services provider, installed a Hawkeye print verification system on its DEK Horizon 03i automated printer. Jabil received the 2009 Market Leadership of the Year Award in the global medical electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry by Frost & Sullivan.

DEK and Stencil Franchisee AGI Demonstrate Advanced Printing Technology (Dec 1, 2009)

 Showcasing the latest expansion of its global stencil network, DEK and new franchisee AGI Corporation opened the doors of their manufacturing operation to local customers in the Americas. Attended by both leading EMS and OEM electronics firms and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, the DEK-AGI Open House was designed to highlight the company’s stencil production expertise. 

Lenovo Reaquiring Mobile Phone Unit (Nov 30, 2009)

Personal computer maker Lenovo Group said Friday it is joining the race to develop products that link phones and PCs by buying back a mobile phone business that it sold last year, reports the Associated Press (AP).

Facility Management Videos
Lee Smith, VP of business development at outsourcing semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) provider Amkor Technology, was instrumental in developing the package-on-package (PoP) stack.; AmKor; Lee Smith; package on package stack; Pop; Sats; David Geiger, Flextronics International, explains how EMS assemblers implement new packages in their processes.; Bare Die; ems; Flextronics; new packages; Pop; SATS/EMS; smt; stacked packages; Rozalia Beica, 3D interconnect director at Semitool Inc. and representing the EMC3D consortium, expresses integration in packaging.; 3d packaging; packaging; Semitool; SMTAI; TSV; Scott Kennedy, senior development engineer at Rogers Corporation, looks at the potential inherent in new package substrates.; ceramic packages; ceramics; Military; packaging; SMTAI; substrates; TSV; Ritwik Chatterjee, Ph.D., speaking on behalf of the Georgia Tech Packaging Research Center (PRC), defines 1st and 2nd level integration through all-silicon interconnection.; all silicon; Georgia Tech; Package in package; Packaging Research Center; Ritwik Chatterjee; Jan Vardaman, president, TechSearch International, (Vardaman's presentation was delivered by Smith, due to a flight cancellation caused by the weather) explores thru-silicon vias (TSVs).; Jan Vardaman; packaging; SMTAI; TechSearch International; through-silicon vias; thru-silicon via; TSI; TSV; The A-Line at IPC Midwest produces a PCB assembly with jet solder printing, dual-head pick-and-place, reflow, and depanelization.; Assembly; cab; ipc; IPC Midwest; Juki; Mydata; Senju; smt; The Morey Corp; Irene Sterian, Celestica, describes her EMS company's business, and the role of manufacturing services providers in the market.; Celestica; electronics manufacturing; ems; North American EMS; Tier I; Doug Peck, AEIC, discusses industry trends, including the size of SMT components, assembly difficulty, and the effect on rework operations. ; aeic; doug peck; industry trends; Miniaturization; rework; SMTAI; Gary Tanel, SMT advisor, talks about current EMS business sales and best practices for EMS mergers/acquisitions. ; Acquisitions; advisory board; business; ems; Gary Tanel; Gary's List; Mergers; selling EMS business; SMTAI; Bob Willis, consultant and industry educator, discusses teaching techniques for new and experienced engineers. ; bob willis; Certification; SMTAI; training; Eric Beyne, Ph.D., scientific director, Advanced Packaging and Interconnect Center, Interconnect, Packaging & Systems Integration at IMEC talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West.; packaging IMEC Beyne Semicon West; Bob Doetzer, Circuit Technology, talks about certification training and their training lab. IPC certification takes place at the high-tech lab, and at customer locations, like EMS facilities and even ships.; Circuit Technology; ipc; IPC certification; land repair; operator training; rework and repair; SMTAI; training; Jane Feng, Flextronics, discusses the EMS provider's recent paper on nondestructive BGA inspection techniques. ; EMS provider; Flextronics; Nondestructive BGA Inspection; SMTAI; Tier 1 EMS; Dan Weitzman, president, Valor, talks to SMT about software's roles in electronics design and manufacturing.; data libraries; design; manufacturing; MES; process control; software; valor; In this mini-Webcast, SMT's Editorial Advisory Board shares their insights into the magazine and the industry. ; cleaning; columnists; design; lead-free; manufacturing; processing; reliability test; solder; tin/lead; Jim McElroy, iNEMI, describes the consortium's method for roadmapping and advancing electronics assembly technology.; apex; consortia; iNEMI; roadmap; Topics on the agenda include globalization, industry analysis, supply chain issues, and executive-level information. Tradeshow reviews and industry association roadmaps are presented.
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