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Products for PCB and Package Fabrication (Nov 23, 2009)

These products and services include micromachining, via drilling, imaging, PCB singulation, and parts sourcing, all for the fabrication of advanced PCBs, substrates, and other structures. Laser platforms, microwashers, laser-free systems, routers, and other approaches are featured. A parts sourcing service brings together bare PCB tooling and fabrication from international partners.

One Year On: An Interview with Assembleon CEO André Papoular (Nov 23, 2009)

André Papoular started with Assembleon about one year ago, though he’s been with parent company Philips for about 29 years, in business management for components, systems and finished products. He’s joined the electronics assembly equipment market at a tough economic time, but Papoular sees this as an opportunity to focus the industry on the way forward, identifying signals of opportunity. The company introduced a printing system at productronica 2009, and also announced a collaboration with Valor to integrate their equipment into a complete suite of software and tools for electronic equipment assembly. These will automate machine-, line- and factory-level workflows and business processes. SMT sat down with the Assembléon team during productronica 2009 in Munich to assess where the company is and where they see placement technology headed.

New Products for Component Placement: Chipshooters, Kitting, Pick-and-place and More (Nov 9, 2009)

APS Novastar introduces off-line placement programming; Toshiba Teli America debuts a high-speed/high-precision machine vision system for pick and place; Universal Instruments intros a line management software package for new and existing component placement machines; Production Solutions offers a center board support; and Manncorp debuts a lower-cost pick-and-place option for prototyping or incorporation on high-volume lines.

Choosing Carrier and Cover Tape for Tape-and-Reel (Oct 9, 2009)

Tape-and-reel component packaging can determine the speed and operation effectiveness of pick-and-place feeders and equipment. Curtis Maynes, 3M Electronic Solutions Division, explains the types of carrier and cover tapes, how they affect pick-and-place operation, and what is available on the market for better feeder speed, higher accuracy with miniaturized components, and ESD protection.

Laminates: New Products and Technologies (Sep 22, 2009)

Rogers Corp. introduced a new laminate technology for high-frequency amplifier designs; the Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University, presented “Glass as a Substrate for High Density Interconnects,” asserting a new packaging substrate opinion; and IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries released revision C of IPC-4101, “Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards.”

Surface Mount Technology Industry News
DEK and Stencil Franchisee AGI Demonstrate Advanced Printing Technology (Dec 1, 2009)

 Showcasing the latest expansion of its global stencil network, DEK and new franchisee AGI Corporation opened the doors of their manufacturing operation to local customers in the Americas. Attended by both leading EMS and OEM electronics firms and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, the DEK-AGI Open House was designed to highlight the company’s stencil production expertise. 

Lenovo Reaquiring Mobile Phone Unit (Nov 30, 2009)

Personal computer maker Lenovo Group said Friday it is joining the race to develop products that link phones and PCs by buying back a mobile phone business that it sold last year, reports the Associated Press (AP).

IDC Releases EMS Industry Forecast 2009-2013 (Nov 30, 2009)

Michael J. Palma, senior research analyst in the semiconductors team at IDC, published the “EMS Industry Forecast 2009–2013: Hints of Recovery” report. This IDC update provides IDC's electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry forecast from 2008 through 2013. It includes forecasts for the EMS and original design manufacturing (ODM) sectors, product segments, and regions. This update also reviews the state of the industry and core forecast scenario and assumptions.

Henderson Forecast: Computer Equipment (Nov 30, 2009)

Though the recession has virtually decimated the computer industry, Henderson Ventures analysts predict double-digit computer industry gains by 2011. This year, the traditional Q’04 holiday bump in sales is expected to reappear, after being waylaid last year by the onset of the financial crisis.

PCB Fab Partnership: Electronic Interconnect Collaborates with Flex Interconnect Technologies (Nov 25, 2009)

PCB design, engineering, and manufacturing provider Electronic Interconnect (EI) will engage in a cooperative agreement with Flex Interconnect Technologies (FIT — Milpitas, CA) to jointly provide a wider range of PCB products. EI specializes primarily in rigid PCB types, while FIT provides design and manufacturing to final assembly of flexible circuits, rigid-flex, and HDI flex.

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November 2009
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The A-Line at IPC Midwest produces a PCB assembly with jet solder printing, dual-head pick-and-place, reflow, and depanelization.; Assembly; cab; ipc; IPC Midwest; Juki; Mydata; Senju; smt; The Morey Corp; Gene Dunn, Panasonic Factory Solutions of America, examines thin-die packaging issues that EMS providers will need to consider in board layout for bend possibilities, pick-and-place systems for picking force, and reflow for overheat concerns. ; board design; Fragile Components; Fragile Packages; Miniaturization; panasonic; pick-and-place; reflow; smt; Thin Die; Jacques Coderre, Unovis Solutions, presents "Assembly Evolution as Semiconductor and Circuit Board Converge." ; Co-design; convergence; Embedded Components; Flip Chip; packaging; smt; Unovis; David Geiger, Flextronics International, explains how EMS assemblers implement new packages in their processes.; Bare Die; ems; Flextronics; new packages; Pop; SATS/EMS; smt; stacked packages; Bob Black, president, Juki Corporation, demos their range of flexible/high-speed placement systems.; component placement; high-speed placement; Juki; odd-form components; pick-and-place; SMTAI; Jos Brehler, Totech, discusses lead-free in the U.S. and the importance of MSD control using the Superdry dry cabinet.; apex; component drying; dry cabinets; lead-free; moisture-sensitive devices; MSD; Totech; Steve Pollock, sales manager at Essemtec, demostrates the printer, pick-and-place, and lead-free convection reflow oven that comprise their turnkey line.; complete line; Essemtec; lead-free reflow; manufacturing line; pick and place; printer; reflow; SMTAI; turnkey manufacturing; Bob Douglas, president, Inovaxe, tours the INOCART-MSD sensitive-component advanced storage system, with separated cells and component tracking.; component storage; component tracking; INOCART; Inovaxe; moisture sensitive devices; MSD; parts handling; SMTAI; traceability; Tom Mealey, co-owner, Virtual Industries, operates manual, battery-powered, and plug-in vacuum tweezers for handling SMDs and odd-form components.; components; moisture-sensitive devices; MSDs; placement; rework; SMD handling; vacuum tweezers; Jim Price of Sony Manufacturing Systems America debuts the SI-P850 screen printer and SI-V200 AOI system to North American assemblers at the show.; AOI; inspection; Printing; screen printer; Sony Manufacturing Systems; Brian Duffey, MYDATA, introduces the MY100 DX family of split-axis, linear-motor component placement systems with vibration-free feeding for high component mixes.; apex; chip shooter; component placement; feeders; MY100; Mydata; pick and place; Hiroaki Kobayashi, Seika Machinery, introduces their conveyors and PCB loaders made in Korea with Japanese parts.; apex; assembly tools; conveyors; PCB handling; seika; Mike Foster of Dynatech/Samsung walks Gail Flower through the SM series complete SMT line at the show. Featured equipment includes screen printer, pick-and-place systems, and more.; apex; Dynatech; pick-and-place; printer; samsung; smt line; Bob Douglas, Inovaxe, demos their MSD handling system for managing editor Meredith Courtemanche.; apex; component storage; Dry box; Inovaxe; lead-free; Materials handling; MSD; SMT tours the assembly capabilities of pick-and-place and chip shooter manufacturers, including mixed assembly placement, thru-hole, placing miniaturized passives, and PCB and component handling. Tooling also is featured.
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Eastern European Near-sourcing on the Rise

Much has been made of the attendance numbers at productronica 2009 this year in Munich, Germany. As economic reports have trumpeted a better 2010, and electronics manufacturers have started to see a ramp in RFQs and orders, productronica’s attendance...

IPC Midwest: Friends, Fellowship, and Live SMT Assembly

It was a better-than-expected IPC Midwest tradeshow and conference in Schaumburg, IL this September. The A-Line live electronics assembly line attracted interest as each piece of automated equipment performed its task to build a mixed-assembly board with...