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New Cleaning Products and Services

Cleaning is an added step, meaning that the reliability and yield benefits must outweigh the additional cost, energy use, and time involved in cleaning. These products reduce costs, increase flexibility, and can have added environmental benefits.

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Surface Mount Technology Featured Articles
October 2009 PCB Orders, Shipments Still Indicating Growth

IPC announced the October findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program, with flex and rigid PCBs both showing positive book-to-bill ratios despite lower volumes.

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Surface Mount Technology Featured Articles
One Year On: An Interview with Assembleon CEO André Papoular

André Papoular sees this recession as an opportunity to focus on the way forward, identifying signals of opportunity. Assembléon introduced a printing system at productronica and announced a collaboration with software provider Valor.

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Rework and Repair: The Complete BGA Rework Process

Robert Avila and Wade Gay, Finetech, describe the steps to BGA rework, aided by video clips of rework in action. BGA rework steps include component removal, site cleaning, reballing, and soldering.

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Surface Mount Technology Featured Articles
Henderson Forecast: Computer Equipment

Though the recession virtually decimated the computer industry, Henderson Ventures analysts predict double-digit computer industry gains by 2011. This year, the Q’04 holiday bump in sales is expected to reappear, after being waylaid last year by the onset of the financial crisis.

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Present at a Major 2010 Electronics Tradeshow Conference (Dec 4, 2009)

IPC APEX EXPO (April 6–9 in Las Vegas) and SMTA International (October 24–28 in Orlando, FL) are accepting abstracts for the technical conference programs.

Advisory Board Update: Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Presents for National Science Council of Taiwan (Dec 4, 2009)

Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D., SMT Editorial Advisory Board member and the first Asian-American woman elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering (1998), was invited to visit Taiwan by the National Science Council of Taiwan. During her 10-day visit this November, Dr. Hwang delivered keynote speeches at Hsinchu Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Taiwan University, and National Central University. She spoke on renewable energy and global competitiveness.

EMS Industry Update: NBS, Sunburst, TT, and Jabil (Dec 4, 2009)

NBS secured an $8.2 million credit facility from Silicon-Valley-based Bridge Bank, National Association; a subsidiary of Bridge Capital Holdings (NASDAQ: BBNK). TT electronics integrated manufacturing services (IMS) will begin providing electronics manufacturing services to the global rail industry. Sunburst EMS, a high mix, low- to medium-volume electronics manufacturing services provider, installed a Hawkeye print verification system on its DEK Horizon 03i automated printer. Jabil received the 2009 Market Leadership of the Year Award in the global medical electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry by Frost & Sullivan.

DEK and Stencil Franchisee AGI Demonstrate Advanced Printing Technology (Dec 1, 2009)

 Showcasing the latest expansion of its global stencil network, DEK and new franchisee AGI Corporation opened the doors of their manufacturing operation to local customers in the Americas. Attended by both leading EMS and OEM electronics firms and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, the DEK-AGI Open House was designed to highlight the company’s stencil production expertise. 

Lenovo Reaquiring Mobile Phone Unit (Nov 30, 2009)

Personal computer maker Lenovo Group said Friday it is joining the race to develop products that link phones and PCs by buying back a mobile phone business that it sold last year, reports the Associated Press (AP).

Surface Mount Technology Current Articles
Our Relationship with the Environment (Dec 4, 2009)

SMT Editorial Advisory Board member Laura J. Turbini, Ph.D., Research in Motion, explores the path of human impact on the environment, and the environmental legislation issues it has created for the electronics production industry.

EMS Outsourcing Strategy 2010: U.S. or China? (Dec 1, 2009)

The electronics contract manufacturing business has grown tremendously in the past 10 years. Many U.S.-based companies have outsourced to EMS providers in China to reduce production costs. Some, on the other hand, have moved their production back to the U.S. Others are still pondering the best outsourcing strategy. John Koon, Express Manufacturing Inc., asks, are you looking into outsourcing? What criteria are used to develop a sound outsourcing strategy? and Does outsourcing to China guarantee lower production cost than building in the U.S.? He also shares useful criteria for creating a successful outsourcing strategy.

Optimizing a Standard Print Process Eases Mixed Technology Assembly (Dec 1, 2009)

Consumers continue to expect increased functionality in ever smaller electronic products. However, this demand stretches the rules of design-for-manufacture (DfM) and leaves circuit assemblers to wrestle with the combination of decreasing feature sizes coexisting with larger components. Clive Ashmore, DEK, explains how print process control can increase productivity when large and small components coexist on a PCB.

New Cleaning Products and Services (Dec 1, 2009)

Cleaning is an added step to the electronics assembly process, meaning that the reliability and yield benefits of cleaning must outweigh the additional cost, energy use, and time involved in operating cleaning equipment. These products tangibly reduce costs, increase flexibility for customers, and can have added environmental benefits like lowering VOC emissions.

The Coming Manufacturing Renaissance (Nov 24, 2009)

Jennifer Read, Charlie Barnhart Associates (CBA), examines potential sustainable economic growth for electronics companies and manufacturing in general, with a trend in the new generation of students toward making real things.

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    Current Issue
    Volume 23, Issue 6
    November 2009
    Surface Mount Technology Videos
    Gene Dunn, Panasonic Factory Solutions of America, examines thin-die packaging issues that EMS providers will need to consider in board layout for bend possibilities, pick-and-place systems for picking force, and reflow for overheat concerns. ; board design; Fragile Components; Fragile Packages; Miniaturization; panasonic; pick-and-place; reflow; smt; Thin Die; Doug Peck, AEIC, discusses industry trends, including the size of SMT components, assembly difficulty, and the effect on rework operations. ; aeic; doug peck; industry trends; Miniaturization; rework; SMTAI; Gary Tanel, SMT advisor, talks about current EMS business sales and best practices for EMS mergers/acquisitions. ; Acquisitions; advisory board; business; ems; Gary Tanel; Gary's List; Mergers; selling EMS business; SMTAI; Agilent?s sj5000 is featured, performing an AOI scan on a post-reflow assembly. The company also is highlighting lead ringer technology. ; Agilent; AOI; lead ringer; optical inspection; PCB inspection; post-reflow; pre-reflow; SMTAI; Rob DiMatteo introduces BTU's smaller lead-free-capable reflow system, as well as a high-volume 12-zone model, and new lane options for existing systems.; BTU; conveyors; ems; high-volume; lead-free; medical; Military; reflow; SMTAI; Michael Konrad, SMT advisor, shows us Aqueous?s Trident cleaning equipment. The system prewashes, washes, dries, and cleanliness tests at each rinse cycle. ; aqueous; cleaning; cleanliness test; defluxing; PCB cleanliness; SMTAI; trident; Bob Willis, consultant and industry educator, discusses teaching techniques for new and experienced engineers. ; bob willis; Certification; SMTAI; training; The A-Line at IPC Midwest produces a PCB assembly with jet solder printing, dual-head pick-and-place, reflow, and depanelization.; Assembly; cab; ipc; IPC Midwest; Juki; Mydata; Senju; smt; The Morey Corp; Steve Pollock, sales manager at Essemtec, demostrates the printer, pick-and-place, and lead-free convection reflow oven that comprise their turnkey line.; complete line; Essemtec; lead-free reflow; manufacturing line; pick and place; printer; reflow; SMTAI; turnkey manufacturing; Paul Salmon, Balver Zinn, explains the global alliance for the SN100C lead- and silver-free solder alloy, shared with Nihon Superior and other partners. ; Balver Zinn; lead-free solder; Nihon Superior; sac; SMTAI; SN100C; tin-free solder; Bob Doetzer, Circuit Technology, talks about certification training and their training lab. IPC certification takes place at the high-tech lab, and at customer locations, like EMS facilities and even ships.; Circuit Technology; ipc; IPC certification; land repair; operator training; rework and repair; SMTAI; training; Christian Munoz, Hirox, shows us their new digital microscope with plastic prism, inspecting a reflowed BGA.; BGA inspection; digital microscope; Hirox; low-cost inspection; SMTAI; Rick Short, director of marketing and communications at Indium Corporation, talks about lead-free rework and solar cell manufacturing's materials requirements.; indium; lead-free; photovoltaics; rework; SMTAI; solar cells; solder; Bob Black, president, Juki Corporation, demos their range of flexible/high-speed placement systems.; component placement; high-speed placement; Juki; odd-form components; pick-and-place; SMTAI; Brian D'Amico, president, Mirtec, demonstrates laser AOI and other features on their inspection systems.; AOI; automatic optical inspection; laser inspection; lifted leads; Mirtec; Jane Feng, Flextronics, discusses the EMS provider's recent paper on nondestructive BGA inspection techniques. ; EMS provider; Flextronics; Nondestructive BGA Inspection; SMTAI; Tier 1 EMS; James Holova, BPM Microsystems, talks about device programming product lines. He describes the benefits of the Flashstream technology for flash device programming. ; BPM; device programmer; flash; flashstream; programming; SMTAI; Vern Solberg, STI ? Madison, speaks on miniaturization, such as wafer-level packaging (WLP) and chip on board (COB).; BGA; Cob; Flip Chip; Miniaturization; smt; Vern Solberg; Wireless Handsets; Kyzen's VP Tom Forsythe talks about SMTA membership and new cleaning materials hitting the market.; charles hutchins; chemistries; cleaning; cleaning materials; Kyzen; lead-free; SMTA; SMTAI; solder alloys; Craig Hood, Petroferm, introduces a new spray-in-air aqueous cleaner at SMTAI. ; aqueous cleaner; batch cleaning; cleaning electronics; in-line cleaning; Petroferm; SMTAI; Jon Dupree, YXLON, describes the importance of X-ray inspection for new packages, sophisticated PCBs, and harsh-environment assemblies.; Computed Tomography; CT; embedded PCB; harsh environment; HDI; packages; X-ray inspection; Irene Sterian, Celestica, describes her EMS company's business, and the role of manufacturing services providers in the market.; Celestica; electronics manufacturing; ems; North American EMS; Tier I; Al Cabral, marketing manager, VJ Electronix, demonstrates solder rework and X-ray inspection with the company's new machines.; 2D X-ray; manual inspection; rework; VJ Electronix; X-ray inspection; Gabe Gonzalez, SPEA, shows SMT a flying probe ICT system that tests to specifications for fast, economical component-level test.; board test; component verification; flying probe; ICT; in-circuit test; test; Dan Weitzman, president, Valor, talks to SMT about software's roles in electronics design and manufacturing.; data libraries; design; manufacturing; MES; process control; software; valor; Tom Mealey, co-owner, Virtual Industries, operates manual, battery-powered, and plug-in vacuum tweezers for handling SMDs and odd-form components.; components; moisture-sensitive devices; MSDs; placement; rework; SMD handling; vacuum tweezers; Ed Zamborsky, regional sales manager, OK International, shows solder paste/flux/adhesive dispensers, soldering stations, and the basics of hand soldering.; adhesives; dispensing; flux; hand soldering; OK International; Oki; solder paste; Video 1. The video shows an integrated RF design flow using Mentor Graphics design tools in an integrated design flow with the Advanced Design System RF and microwave design solution from Agilent Technologies.; Agilent Technologies; Mentor Graphics; mixed-signal design; RF Design; Paul Ruo, National Sales Manager for Aries, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Aries Semicon West 2008 packaging; Asymtek's Greg Wood, vice president of sales, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Semicon West 2008 asymtek packaging; One of Amkor's latest package offerings, FusionQuad, protects the package while making interconnects easier for fine pitch connections to the PCB.; advanced package; AmKor; BGA; fine pitch package; FusionQuad; new package style; PCB package; quad flatpack; SATS provider package; Eric Beyne, Ph.D., scientific director, Advanced Packaging and Interconnect Center, Interconnect, Packaging & Systems Integration at IMEC talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West.; packaging IMEC Beyne Semicon West; Bob Douglas, president, Inovaxe, tours the INOCART-MSD sensitive-component advanced storage system, with separated cells and component tracking.; component storage; component tracking; INOCART; Inovaxe; moisture sensitive devices; MSD; parts handling; SMTAI; traceability; Keith Howell and Masato Nakamura of Nihon Superior discuss the halogen-free solder products debuting at SMTAI. Nihon?s SN100C lead-free solder is the base of this product line.; alloys; dopants; intermetallic layer; lead-free; Nihon Superior; sac; solder; solder paste; Aviza's Kevin Crofton, VP and General Manager, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Aviza Crofton Semicon West 2008; Brian Toleno, Ph.D., Henkel, describes the FF6000 material -- an epoxy flux and adhesive for innovative electronics assembly.; apex; conductive adhesive; epoxy; flux; Henkel; soldering materials; Dick Johnson, DEK, walks Gail Flower through the Instinctiv V9 machine optimization software.; apex; DEK; Instinctiv V9; machine optimization; Printing; software; In this mini-Webcast, SMT's Editorial Advisory Board shares their insights into the magazine and the industry. ; cleaning; columnists; design; lead-free; manufacturing; processing; reliability test; solder; tin/lead; Brian Duffey, MYDATA, introduces the MY100 DX family of split-axis, linear-motor component placement systems with vibration-free feeding for high component mixes.; apex; chip shooter; component placement; feeders; MY100; Mydata; pick and place; Hiroaki Kobayashi, Seika Machinery, introduces their conveyors and PCB loaders made in Korea with Japanese parts.; apex; assembly tools; conveyors; PCB handling; seika; Paul Walter, Dage, shows Gail Flower their quick-view CT, dual-monitor operator interface, and XD7500 NT inspection system. ; AOI; apex; AXI; computerized tomography; CT; Dage; inspection; x-ray; Steve Glass, RMD, demonstrates their handheld XRF elemental analyzer's new features: an ergonomic stand, solder analysis capability, and "Quick Mode."; apex; components; lead-free; rmd; RoHS; Screening; solder analysis; XRF; Mike Foster of Dynatech/Samsung walks Gail Flower through the SM series complete SMT line at the show. Featured equipment includes screen printer, pick-and-place systems, and more.; apex; Dynatech; pick-and-place; printer; samsung; smt line; Jan Vardaman, president, TechSearch International, (Vardaman's presentation was delivered by Smith, due to a flight cancellation caused by the weather) explores thru-silicon vias (TSVs).; Jan Vardaman; packaging; SMTAI; TechSearch International; through-silicon vias; thru-silicon via; TSI; TSV; Josef Jost, Balzer Zinn, parent company of Cobar, explains the XF3 flux medium for SAC, SN100C, and tin/lead alloys.; apex; Balver Zinn; Cobar; flux; lead-free; sac; SN100C; solder; tin/lead; Tom Nash of BTU discusses reflow trends in nitrogen, process control, and COO.; Patrice Rollet, Avantec, discusses soldering materials, coatings, and cleaners developed by the Europe-based company. ; apex; aqueous clean; avantec; chemistry clean; cleaning; coating; soldering materials; Volker Pape, founder of Viscom, traces the company timeline and reveals details of the 3088-II mid-range inspection system to Gail Flower.; AOI; apex; AXI; inspection; optical; viscom; x-ray; Jim Price of Sony Manufacturing Systems America debuts the SI-P850 screen printer and SI-V200 AOI system to North American assemblers at the show.; AOI; inspection; Printing; screen printer; Sony Manufacturing Systems; Jacques Coderre, Unovis Solutions, presents "Assembly Evolution as Semiconductor and Circuit Board Converge." ; Co-design; convergence; Embedded Components; Flip Chip; packaging; smt; Unovis; Bob Douglas, Inovaxe, demos their MSD handling system for managing editor Meredith Courtemanche.; apex; component storage; Dry box; Inovaxe; lead-free; Materials handling; MSD; Bennet Bruntil tours EVS's solder recovery technology under the hood of the system.; Peter van den Eijnden, JTAG, praises the APEX atmosphere and tells Gail Flower about JTAG/boundary scan's capabilities. ; apex; boundary scan; JTAG; test; Vincent Whipple, Sono-Tek, demonstrates the ultrasonic atomiztion technology behind spray fluxing.; apex; Fluxing; Sono-Tek; Spray Flux; Ultrasonic Atomization; Don Miller, YESTech, walks us through 3D AXI advances, and the emerging inspection market for conformal coatings.; 3D X-ray; apex; conformal coating; inspection; YESTech; Scott Kennedy, senior development engineer at Rogers Corporation, looks at the potential inherent in new package substrates.; ceramic packages; ceramics; Military; packaging; SMTAI; substrates; TSV; Lee Smith, VP of business development at outsourcing semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) provider Amkor Technology, was instrumental in developing the package-on-package (PoP) stack.; AmKor; Lee Smith; package on package stack; Pop; Sats; Jim McElroy, iNEMI, describes the consortium's method for roadmapping and advancing electronics assembly technology.; apex; consortia; iNEMI; roadmap; Ritwik Chatterjee, Ph.D., speaking on behalf of the Georgia Tech Packaging Research Center (PRC), defines 1st and 2nd level integration through all-silicon interconnection.; all silicon; Georgia Tech; Package in package; Packaging Research Center; Ritwik Chatterjee; Tim Nolte, BPM Microsystems, sees the device programming market growing, based on increased flash memory usage.; apex; BPM; device programming; Flash memory; flashstream; vector engine; Chris Underhill of Finetech provides rework advice for challenging package and PCBA applications.; 01005; apex; BGA; Finetech; packaging; repair; rework; stacked die; Erik Bergum, Heraeus, tells us about their ball-dippable paste, developed with TI to replace tacky fluxes in solder sphere placement.; apex; ball-dippable paste; flux; Heraeus; solder powder; solder spheres; Mark Dalderup, Rehm, discusses his company's international goals and their vapor-phase reflow products, including a vacuum system to prevent voids.; apex; reflow; Rehm Thermal; solder joints; vapor-phase; voids; Barbara Duvall, Seica, introduces the Pilot V8 flying prober's features to managing editor Meredith Courtemanche.; apex; flying probe; Seica; test; test point access; John Byers, Asymtek, debuts the SelectCoat SL940 dispensing system for conformal coatings and other materials. ; apex; Asymtek; conformal coating; dispense; dispensing; vision; Frank Piracci, Asymtek, shows the S822 dual-lane shuttle for higher-throughput CSP underfill.; apex; Asymtek; chipscale package; CSP; dispensing; underfill; Jos Brehler, Totech, discusses lead-free in the U.S. and the importance of MSD control using the Superdry dry cabinet.; apex; component drying; dry cabinets; lead-free; moisture-sensitive devices; MSD; Totech; David Geiger, Flextronics International, explains how EMS assemblers implement new packages in their processes.; Bare Die; ems; Flextronics; new packages; Pop; SATS/EMS; smt; stacked packages; Rozalia Beica, 3D interconnect director at Semitool Inc. and representing the EMC3D consortium, expresses integration in packaging.; 3d packaging; packaging; Semitool; SMTAI; TSV; SMT Live gathers global events in electronics assembly at your fingertips, from pick-and-place systems to traceability software launches, to industry discussions of outsourcing, lead-free trends, and more.
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    What is an optimized cleaning process? Is it based solely upon removing the residue, or is it more? Of course it is more. We do not want to remove the labels or ...
    Next Best Thing to a Close Shave: Mitigating the Risks of Tin Whiskers
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    SMT Magazine's editorial team discusses industry events, trends and important news for electronics manufacturers, IDMs, OEMs and related companies.

    Technology for a New Year

    Each year brings its own challenges and opportunities. During a recessionary period, people get creative. Though we have struggled for financial security, new ideas and applications in electronics will bring forth growth in the upcoming year. For example,...

    Eastern European Near-sourcing on the Rise

    Much has been made of the attendance numbers at productronica 2009 this year in Munich, Germany. As economic reports have trumpeted a better 2010, and electronics manufacturers have started to see a ramp in RFQs and orders, productronica’s attendance...