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IMEC?s Ludo Deferm provides a look behind some major announcements the consortium made at SEMICON West: laser anneal over spike anneal, EUV mask cleaning, RuTa metallization showing promise for 22nm PVD.; 22nm; anneal; deferm; EUV; IMEC; Lithography; pvd; SEMICON West; Silicon Genesis president & CEO Francois Henley showcases the company's 20µm kerf-free foil, which is particularly well-suited to BiPV applications and capable of being made into solar cells with 20% efficiency.; BIPV; Henley; kerf; photovoltaic; SEMICON West; SiGen; Silicon Genesis; solar; wafer; The main theme at this year's NCCAVS Junction Technology Group meeting will be 22nm junction, which many believe this will be the first node to use msec-only annealing (i.e. diffusionless), according to meeting chair John O. Borland.; 16nm; 22nm; 32nm; anneal; Borland; diffusion; Junction; millisecond; SEMICON West; Ric Borges of Synopsys discusses the application of TCAD simulation to multijunction and CPV solar cells.; borges; photovoltaics; PV; SEMICON West; solar; Synopsys; Jeff Hebb of Ultratech discusses extending laser spike annealing to the 22nm node, previewing a talk at the NCCAVS Junction Technology Group meeting held Thursday, July 16 in San Francisco.; anneal; Junction; SEMICON West; Ultratech; video; Paul Siblerud of Semitool discusses 3D integration challenges and announces the latest news from the EMC-3D Consortium.; 3d; packaging; SEMICON West; Semitool; Sibelrud; Jan Vardaman discusses alternatives to 3D/TSV technologies for cost-sensitive applications, and makes the case for additional work to develop design guidelines and software, and test methodologies for 3D/TSV technologies.; 3d; SEMICON West; Techsearch; through-silicon via; TSV; Vardaman; Soitec's president and CEO, André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, discusses the three pillars of 3D integration at the wafer level, as well as bonding at room temperature.; 3d; SEMICON West; Soitec; wafer bonding; On a cost/Watt basis, thin-film solar PV is potentially very attractive, notes Linx Consulting's Mark Thirsk. If the technical challenges are solved, he's bullish that thin-film may take over a 30% share of the market.; Intersolar; materials; SEMICON West; solar photovoltaics; thin-film; thirsk; SEMATECH's Bryan Rice gives a positive assessment of EUV and offers hope for getting companies to open their checkbooks for mask inspection infrastructure funding.; electronics; equipment; EUV; Lithography; manufacturing; new technology; SEMATECH; SEMICON West; Bill McClean, president of IC Insights, talks about the rebound of the semiconductor industry in 2009, and his expectations of double digit growth in 2010 and 2011.; B.J. Han, chief technology officer of STATS ChipPAC talks about trends in advanced packaging technology. ; Confab; HAN; packaging; STATS ChipPAC; ElectroIQ brings you informative video content from Solid State Technology, Photovoltaics World, Advanced Packaging, Small Times and Surface Mount Technology.