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Die-attach Paste Offers Self-filleting, KGD Bonding (Aug 28, 2009)

Debbie Forray and Ilya Furman, Henkel Corp., compare a self-filleting die attach paste to film-based adhesives. Semiconductor companies are seeking lower-cost die attach material solutions to replace the higher-cost, film-based adhesive materials used for certain applications. One such material is self-filleting die attach paste. 

Next-generation Underfill System (Jun 1, 2009)
Specifically designed for use with CSP and BGA devices, Henkel's Hysol® UF3800, addresses complex and demanding industry requirements including room temperature fast flow, low temperature cure and reworkability. This material is said to be particularly well-suited for handheld communication and entertainment applications.
Packaging Industry News
Nemotek Technologie sizes up its future in wafer-level cameras (Sep 1, 2009)
(September 1, 2009) MOROCCO — Jacky Perdrigeat, CEO of Nemotek Technologie, discusses the company's technology and business strategy, as it opens a new logistics center in Hong Kong with electronics component distributor Anglia.
Engent Expands Operations to Support Small Form Factor Micro-electronics Manufacturing (Aug 26, 2009)
(August 26, 2009) NORCROSS, GA — To ramp-up production capacity and accelerate new product development efforts, Engent recently expanded its Norcross, GA facility by 8,000 square feet. The additional space enables Engent's ongoing manufacturing expansion of its small form factor micro-electronics products, as well as R&D; space.
siXis partners with SVTC to commercialize silicon circuit boards (Aug 24, 2009)
August 24, 2009 -- SVTC Technologies was chosen by technology startup siXis, Inc. to supply silicon manufacturing services for their compact, high-speed embedded computing modules that bridge the gap between programmable devices and costly, customized semiconductors.
The Challenges of NiPdAu Packages Defined (Aug 24, 2009)
August 24, 2009 -- A new application note from Johnstech International Corporation, released in conjunction with a new test contact product, describes the advantages of NiPdAu packages and outlines the remaining challenges.
IBM Advances DNA "Origami" Structures (Aug 19, 2009)
August 19 -- IBM researchers and collaborator Paul W.K. Rothemund, of the California Institute of Technology (CalTech), have made an advancement in combining lithographic patterning with self assembly ? a method to arrange DNA origami structures on surfaces compatible with today's semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Packaging Videos
B.J. Han, chief technology officer of STATS ChipPAC talks about trends in advanced packaging technology. ; Confab; HAN; packaging; STATS ChipPAC; Jan Vardaman, president, TechSearch International, (Vardaman's presentation was delivered by Smith, due to a flight cancellation caused by the weather) explores thru-silicon vias (TSVs).; Jan Vardaman; packaging; SMTAI; TechSearch International; through-silicon vias; thru-silicon via; TSI; TSV; At SEMICON China, Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. launched two next-generation wire bonders, IConn and ConnX; Dage's Paul Walter, Managing Director, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; packaging Dage Semicon West 2008; Ritwik Chatterjee, Ph.D., speaking on behalf of the Georgia Tech Packaging Research Center (PRC), defines 1st and 2nd level integration through all-silicon interconnection.; all silicon; Georgia Tech; Package in package; Packaging Research Center; Ritwik Chatterjee; Gene Dunn, Panasonic Factory Solutions of America, examines thin-die packaging issues that EMS providers will need to consider in board layout for bend possibilities, pick-and-place systems for picking force, and reflow for overheat concerns. ; board design; Fragile Components; Fragile Packages; Miniaturization; panasonic; pick-and-place; reflow; smt; Thin Die; Sitaram Arkalgud, PhD, Director, Interconnect Division, talks about SEMATECH's emphasis on new technologies.; Advanced Packaging; Confab; Gail Flower; Sitaram Arkalgud; Aviza's Kevin Crofton, VP and General Manager, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Aviza Crofton Semicon West 2008; Asymtek's Greg Wood, vice president of sales, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Semicon West 2008 asymtek packaging; Jacques Coderre, Unovis Solutions, presents "Assembly Evolution as Semiconductor and Circuit Board Converge." ; Co-design; convergence; Embedded Components; Flip Chip; packaging; smt; Unovis; Paul Ruo, National Sales Manager for Aries, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Aries Semicon West 2008 packaging; Lee Smith, VP of business development at outsourcing semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) provider Amkor Technology, was instrumental in developing the package-on-package (PoP) stack.; AmKor; Lee Smith; package on package stack; Pop; Sats; David Geiger, Flextronics International, explains how EMS assemblers implement new packages in their processes.; Bare Die; ems; Flextronics; new packages; Pop; SATS/EMS; smt; stacked packages; Panasonic's Gene Dunnn, Engineering Manager, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Panasonic Semicon West packaging; Palomar's president, Bruce Hueners, talks about packaging trends at Semicon West 2008.; Palomar Semicon West 2008 packaging; Vern Solberg, STI ? Madison, speaks on miniaturization, such as wafer-level packaging (WLP) and chip on board (COB).; BGA; Cob; Flip Chip; Miniaturization; smt; Vern Solberg; Wireless Handsets; Lee Smith, Senior Director at Amkor and industry expert in 3-D packaging talks about the latest package styles.; Advanced Packaging; AmKor; Confab; Gail Flower; Lee Smith; Scott Kennedy, senior development engineer at Rogers Corporation, looks at the potential inherent in new package substrates.; ceramic packages; ceramics; Military; packaging; SMTAI; substrates; TSV; Rozalia Beica, 3D interconnect director at Semitool Inc. and representing the EMC3D consortium, expresses integration in packaging.; 3d packaging; packaging; Semitool; SMTAI; TSV; Eric Beyne, Ph.D., scientific director, Advanced Packaging and Interconnect Center, Interconnect, Packaging & Systems Integration at IMEC talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West.; packaging IMEC Beyne Semicon West; One of Amkor's latest package offerings, FusionQuad, protects the package while making interconnects easier for fine pitch connections to the PCB.; advanced package; AmKor; BGA; fine pitch package; FusionQuad; new package style; PCB package; quad flatpack; SATS provider package; Steve Dwyer, VP and General Manager America, talks about EVG?s greatest strengths as a company.; Advanced Packaging; Confab; EVG; Gail Flower; Steve Dwyer; Welcome to the Advanced Packaging Video Library! AP videos give active, up-close looks at products, people and packaging industry events.
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Building Blocks and Roadmaps for 3D Integration
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Challenging Flip Chip Applications No Problem for New Underfill Technology
The benefits of flip chip technology for advanced device applications have been well proven. With advantages such as more efficient electrical interconnections, ...
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Die Attach So Smart it Knows Where to Go
Things in the semiconductor packaging world continue to get smaller and thinner, driving the need for materials to become smarter and more effective....
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