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SUSS, Rolith developing nanolithography technology for next-gen solar

(December 3, 2010 - BUSINESS WIRE) -- SUSS MicroTec (FWB:SMH)(GER:SMH), equipment and process supplier for the semiconductor industry and related markets, entered into a joint development and exclusive license agreement with Rolith Inc. to develop and build nanostructuring equipment using a nanolithography method developed by Rolith. Availability of a high-throughput cost-effective technique for nanostructuring over large areas of substrate materials brings new possibilities to renewable energy and green building markets.

Rolith’s patent pending nanolithography technology is based on a proprietary implementation of near-field optical lithography using cylindrically shaped rolling masks. Sub-wavelength resolution is achieved by phase-shift interference effect or plasmonic enhancement printing structures. Continuous mode of operation will allow high throughput and low cost production. Rolith's "Rolling Mask" nanostructuring system has potential to reach less than $2/m2 cost in production environment.

"We anticipate the technology will enable the next generation of advanced products, such as high efficiency 3D solar cells, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), smart glass, and superior quality coatings with anti-reflective/anti-glare/self-cleaning/anti-fog qualities," said Boris Kobrin, Ph.D., CEO and president of Rolith.

"Our recent achievements with nanoimprint lithography systems have made us a leading expert for structuring substrates in MEMS and nano applications," stated Frank Averdung, president and CEO, SUSS Microtec.

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Rolith is developing advanced nanostructured products for renewable energy and green building markets using proprietary nanolithography technology. For more information: