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Wall- and roof-mount re-combiners use circuit breaker over fuses

February 15, 2011 -- Bentek Solar, designer and manufacturer of optimized configure-to-order (CTO) commercial and utility-scale solar products, including combiners, re-combiners, safety systems and accessories, introduces an extended line of Circuit Breaker Wall and Rooftop Solar Re-Combiners.

There are no fuses with these circuit breaker re-combiners. They provide maximum performance and safety with UL 489 breakers. The circuit breaker serves as a load break disconnect, in addition to providing circuit protection. It is a cost-competitive and convenient alternative to fuses with an integrated load break disconnect, said John H. Buckley, leading sales and marketing at Bentek Solar.

Bentek Solar Wall and Roof Mount Re-Combiners provide the final interface to the inverter for small and large commercial systems. Additionally, the re-combiners feature a flexible design for customization and ease of installation, as well as an enhanced level of user safety.

Bentek provides manufacturing and engineering solutions for complex electro-mechanical and power distribution systems for the semiconductor and solar industries. For more information about Bentek Solar Circuit Breaker Re-Combiners or to view online data sheets, visit www.BentekSolar.com.

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