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Conductive pressure-sensitive tapes, films introduced by Creative Materials

February 1, 2011 -- Creative Materials Inc. announced a new series of pressure-sensitive tapes that are anisotropically conductive, available either as pressure-sensitive double-sided tape or as adhesive-transfer film in thicknesses from 0.002 to 0.010". These products suit use in the fabrication of solar cells and modules; to replace solder and/or conductive adhesive connections; or as bus bar materials for a wide variety of printed electronics applications, including touch panels, liquid crystal displays, electro-chromatic displays, and electro-luminescent displays.

A key advantage of the use of a pressure-sensitive tape is the ease of application, according to the company. These products do not require a long heat history/cure-cycle to build bond strength or conductivity. Pressure is key to building both the bond strength and electrical properties.

Based upon acrylic adhesives, these products offer long-term durability in a wide variety of environmental

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conditions, including extremes of temperature and humidity and direct exposure to sunlight.

Pressure-sensitive tape product number 300-01 is a double-sided tape that is 0.009" thick. This product is conductive on one side. An added feature of this tape is a metal foil support film, which acts to transmit electricity down the length of the tape. The acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) system offers excellent initial tack and bond strength and is heat resistant to over 100C. 300-01 is one in a series that will be introduced over the course of 2011 and will encompass a breadth of applications where excellent conductivity, ease of application, and high bond strength are required.

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