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Solar tracker manufacturer Pure Mechanics debuts

(September 30, 2010 - Marketwire) -- A new solar tracking system manufacturing company, Pure Mechanics, Inc., is developing a patent-protected solar energy technology product for the global market. It includes an affordable tracking product that will assist in the accessibility and worldwide demand for rooftop solar trackers.

Pure Mechanics Inc. aims to help customers and business partners achieve grid parity in solar power installations by delivering high-performance, reliable and well-engineered products suiting residential, commercial and utility-scale installations. The PV trackers boast low-profile design, ease of assembly and operation, and modular expandability.

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The company cites market research, which says there are approximately 4.5 billion square meters of commercial rooftop area in the United States and Europe. Less than 1% of commercial rooftops are being covered by solar panels. Because solar installations systems can be costly, many potential customers opt out on converting their electricity to solar.

Priced significantly lower than conventional systems that exist today, Pure Mechanics, Inc. will provide customers with solar products that will reduce labor, hardware, design and other balance of system costs. These products will also maximize the amount of electricity generated for a typical rooftop installation.

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