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Custom and Universal ATE Load Boards

August 26, 2009 -- Robson Technologies Inc. (RTI) announced the latest addition to its growing product line since the purchase of Ultratest International (UTI) in June of 2008. RTI now offers custom and universal load boards for over 30 ATE tester models, including those by Credence, Agilent, Teradyne, and Yokogawa. RTI also provides design and fabrication services for over eleven custom ATE probe card models. Boards can be up to 10mm thick and many standard probe card blanks are available within 7 business days.

Every RTI ATE Load Board solution undergoes strict design, fabrication, assembly and testing. Quality assurance testing consists of inspection for opens and shorts, flatness, impedance, surface inspection, and Xray measurements. Plated over vias, blind vias, buried vias, back drilling, multiple lamination, and built-up layers are some special process techniques that make RTI's boards stand out.

A laser Direct Imaging (LDI) machine is used for the high-precision positioning of +/-12 micron in single layer, +/- 24 micron between layers. The minimum line width can be 75 micron with a resolution of 10K dpi. RTI offers "load board / probe card + socket" package deals. Purchasing a socket and a load board from the same company ensures 100% compatibility between components at a discounted price.

RTI's boards are not limited to FR4 fiberglass. Other board materials include: FR5, Arion 85N, Arion 25N, and Rogers 4003, capable of 280°C in glass transition.


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