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PV materials market: Large and growing fast, says SEMI, Linx-AEI report

February 7, 2011 -- SEMI and Linx-AEI Consulting announced a new report that delivers detailed insights about growth opportunities in the soaring photovoltaic (PV) materials market. Driven by the global demand for economically viable, renewable solar power -- expected to more than triple from 2010 to 2015 -- materials for crystalline silicon (cSi) and thin film modules is one of the largest and fastest growing markets for suppliers of electronic materials. The new report includes detailed insights into the demand for silicon, slurries, gases, wet chemicals, precursors, dopants, and other critical materials.

The market for advanced chemicals and materials used in PV solar cells and modules grew by 114% in 2010 to $6.5 billion. The market is projected to grow to a forecasted $16.9 billion in 2015. The outlook for materials sales in 2011 will slow slightly as PV module demand in Germany adjusts to new incentive policies and module prices decline. Growth resumes in 2012 as new markets emerge, according to the industry report.

The Chemicals & Materials for Photovoltaic Cells and Modules report analyzes the production processes and supply chain trends for the manufacture of cells and materials, as well as examining the emerging materials requirements for novel technologies. The growth trend in the aggregate global market for the materials covered is shown in the figure.

PV cell and module chemical and material demand

The report outlines key PV technology developments in major market segments and discusses their implications for materials supply and innovation. In crystalline silicon, a drive to increasing material and cell efficiency is opening the door to diamond wire sawing, improved texturization processes, novel selective emitter schemes, novel plating technologies, ion implant, and new passivation layer technologies. In thin film modules, improvements in manufacturing technologies for tandem junction silicon and copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) will lead to increasing competition for the segment-leading cadmium telluride (CdTe), and drive growth for the respective manufacturing materials. In addition, novel technologies for light capture and moisture protection in moduling have added value to traditional materials, while novel backside contact approaches may require significant material redesign.

For more information about this report, contact Melody Song (SEMI) at [email protected] or 408.943.7949 or Mike Corbett (Linx) at [email protected] or 973.437.4517.

Linx-AEI Consulting is an international consulting firm serving the photovoltaics industry. The firm develops industry reports on chemicals and materials, processing technology, cell and module producers and grid parity analyses, including unique financial perspectives on the growth trajectory of the PV industry. For more information, visit www.linx-consulting.com

SEMI is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chains for the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries. For more information, visit www.semi.org.

PV Group represents SEMI member companies involved in the solar energy manufacturing supply chain. Members provide manufacturing equipment, materials, cells, modules, sub-systems, and components to the solar energy industry worldwide. For more information, visit www.pvgroup.org

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