Packaging, assembly changes coming in next <I>ITRS</I> Update - Advanced Packaging
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Packaging, assembly changes coming in next ITRS Update

by Dr. Phil Garrou, contributing editor

January 19, 2011 - 2011 will the next update of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) Assembly and Packaging Roadmap. (The 2009 ITRS was summarized here and the full report can be can be accessed here.

2009 was the first Roadmap where 3D integration became an important and integral part of both the Interconnect and the Assembly & Packaging sections.

In his keynote address at the MEPTEC Semiconductor Packaging Roadmaps conference, Bill Bottoms, co-chairman of the ITRS assembly and packaging technical working group (TWG), revealed several topics that will undergo expanded coverage in the 2011 roadmaps:

Medical electronics

  • Implantable medical electronics (Parkinson's disease symptom control)
  • Selected issues for medical electronics:

    - Power requirements (energy scavenging, wireless radiated power, batteries)

    - Safety issues (voltage, biocompatibility, power delivery)

    - FDA certification

    - Reliability requirements

    - Environmental issues

    - Connectivity (wireless)

    - Optical components (cameras)

    - Microfluidics

    - Implantable micro-robotics

    - Sensors

    - MEMS

3D integration

  • Thermal management for 3D structures
  • Power integrity
  • 3D SiP
  • Co-design and simulation


  • Systems integration for 2D and 3D
  • Interposer features: redistribution wiring, passive networks, thermal management, stress management

Thin wafer & die handling

  • Testing: contactors with ohmic contact without damage
  • Holding mechanisms: Vacuum chucks (porous ceramic chucks), temporary bonding (sacrificial layer), electrostatic chucks, Bernouilli chuck
  • Dicing of thin wafer
  • Warpage

Embedded components:

  • Performance enhancement due to reduced distance between die and passives
  • Incorporation of additional functionality (heat pipes; wave guides)
  • Keep out area around embedded components
  • Charge source close to the die for current surge
  • Reduced size by placement of passives under die
  • Placement accuracy for small thinned die
  • 3D alignment tolerance for assembly
  • Improved resistance to shock
  • Thermal management

Automotive electronics:

  • Internal combustion
  • Hybrid
  • All electric
  • Thermal management: in cabin, hostile environments
  • Sensors
  • Controls for improved efficiency


Dr. Phil Garrou is an IEEE Fellow and consultant with Microelectronic Consultants of NC.