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Zep Solar releases flush-mount system upgrades

January 28, 2011 -- Zep Solar Inc., manufacturer of fast rail-free PV mounting systems, released its improved Zep System II for flush-mount applications. The new product upgrades and additions reduce total system costs. The Zep System II has been available since 2010.

"Installers want their solar mounting and grounding systems to deliver lower initial costs and labor savings. With the feedback we've received from numerous installers, we've added over a dozen new features that further reduce labor costs, while now providing significant savings on the cost of hardware," said Jack West, founder and CTO of Zep Solar. In addition to streamlining the installation process, the improved product line has driven down cost by optimizing materials usage.

Mike Miskovsky, president of Zep Solar, notes, "The PV industry has never been more cost-sensitive, and installers are hungry for every advantage they can gain against their competition. Our new release delivers powerful margin improvements for dealers." New products in this release include improved versions of Zep Solar's core hardware: a more flexible, reduced-length Interlock, as well as a Leveling Foot that snaps onto the PV module frame without the need for a tool. Also new to the product line are accessory components such as the Universal Box Bracket, the Groove Adapter Kit (for easy installation of Enphase inverters) and the new Hybrid Interlock which functions as both an Interlock and a Leveling Foot. Also notable among the new innovations is the Array Skirt, which offers improved aesthetics.

All of the New Zep System II components are available for immediate ordering and delivery from authorized Zep Solar distributors, including DC Power Systems, groSolar, Ontility, Solar Depot, and WESCO. The components in the system are designed to be compatible with all Zep Compatible PV modules, including those produced by Zep Solar licensees Canadian Solar, Centrosolar, Upsolar, Eco-Kinetics, and ET Solar.

Zep Solar Inc. manufactures new-generation PV mounting technology. To learn more about Zep Solar, visit www.zepsolar.com

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