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Technic debuts reduced silver plating process for Si solar cell fab

February 14, 2011 -- Technic released TechniSol Ag 2460, a cyanide-free silver plating solution formulated for use with reduced silver paste (RSP) technology on silicon solar cells.

RSP technology applies a fine line screen printed seed layer that is then electroplated with a smooth silver layer, resulting in increased efficiencies at a reduced cost. RSP Technology can reduce frontside metallization costs up to 50% while also improving cell efficiency, according to the company.

The bath operates at 20 g/l silver, a concentration similar to most other baths in the PV fab industry, but because of key advances in its formulation TechniSol Ag 2460 produces very fine grain deposits with no lateral growth. This improved electrolyte formulation also allows manufacturers to plate up to 30% faster and still maintain optimum deposit integrity.

In addition to the advantages in RSP Technology, TechniSol Ag 2460 may be used to plate on nickel or copper grid lines, creating a superior solderable layer. TechniSol Ag 2460 is also formulated for compatibility with light induced plating (LIP) as well as standard electroplating applications.

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