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High-resolution spectrometer offers tailored gratings, high-performance optics

January 27, 2011 -- McPherson’s high-resolution spectrometer, Model 2061, is now available for scanning and imaging applications via 2D CCD or CMOS detectors. It suits emission, luminescence, Raman (strained Silicon), and high-temperature plasma measurement with better than 0.02nm full width half maximum spectra.

The 1m focal length spectrometer features bilaterally adjustable slits, multiple entrance and exit port locations, and high precision wavelength drive for reproducibility. The capability to mount large, high-angle Echelle type diffraction gratings is built in. The 50mm-wide focal plane is readily accessible.

Oversized McPherson Snap-In gratings fitting the 1m Model 2061 are easily interchangeable and provide 40% more diffractive ruled area. Matching, focusing and collimating optics provide excellent light throughput and operation with f/7 aperture. Many diffraction gratings are available to tailor systems for a wide-spectral range or desired spectral resolution. Spectral resolution with a 10µm entrance slit and a 1200g/mm grating is better than 0.02nm full width half maximum.

McPherson Inc. manufactures instruments that measure and tune specific wavelengths of light for many disciplines of spectroscopy. Learn more at www.McPhersonInc.com

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