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DuPont, Oerlikon develop Micromorph-specific encapsulant

April 27, 2010 - DuPont has devised a new version of its PV 5200 series of solar photovoltaic encapsulants made specifically for Oerlikon's Micromorph thin-film silicon tandem-cell technology.

The PV5223 ultrathin (0.45mm) white reflective polyvinyl butyral (PVB) encapsulant, developed in collaboration with Oerlikon to optimize durability and ease-of-manufacturing, increases light reflectivity by >50% vs. paint to what the company calls "almost perfect" 94% reflectivity. It is also 40% lighter in weight than traditional 0.76mm clear PVB encapsulants. The companies claim tests show stronger adhesion than clear PVB sheet materials, translating to longer-lifetime modules.

"The PV5200 Series enables more power from our modules, lower material use, a smaller environmental footprint and easier lamination. It all adds up to a bright outlook for our module manufacturing customers," said Ivan Sinicco, senior manager for module development at Oerlikon Solar, in a statement.

"In the rapidly evolving and growing solar power market, equipment and materials leaders often innovate faster and more effectively by increasing collaboration," added Steve Cluff, global business director for DuPont Photovoltaic Encapsulants. "DuPont values the partnership with Oerlikon Solar as we both view encapsulant technology playing an increasingly multi-functional role in next-generation photovoltaic modules."

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