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IC packaging and substrates report looks at type, volume

(November 15, 2010) -- Japan Marketing Survey Co. Ltd. (JMS) published the report "IC Packaging & Substrate Report 2010." It covers production trends of major semiconductor package assemblers and substrate makers and the package market size through 2014, based on package type and electronics volume.

The production trend of major assemblers and substrate manufacturers section covers 30 major IC package assemblers and 16 major substrate manufacturers.

The 2008-2014 market size forecast includes analysis of the IC package assembly market trends on a quantity basis; by ball grid array (BGA), chipscale package (CSP), and system-in-package (SiP) type; by interconnection technology; by substrate type; by ball pitch size; and by IC type. The report also looks at substrate market trends by volume (SQM and PCs) and value basis; by BGA and CSP type; and by type and layer of substrate.

Japan Marketing Survey Co Ltd provides market surveys and consulting services, market survey related publishing, and technology surveys and consulting services. To order the report, visit http://www.jms21.co.jp/english.ver/report/syoseki/2010report/IC_PKG2010.htm

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