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Flip Chip Devices get Flat and Happy

Thin is definitely in, but what our modern flip chip devices really want is to be flat and happy! As flip chip die have become increasing...
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3D and 2.5D Integration: A Status Report Live Event

This webcast will explore the present status of 2.5 and 3D integration, including TSV formation.

FREE WEBCAST: Light and Color Measurement of Today's LED Technology

The seminar is an ideal fit for anyone interested in characterizing and communicating the light and color properties of LED’s accurately.

FREE WEBCAST: Advances in Materials Converting and PSA Tapes, Including Bus Bar Tapes, for Solar Manufacturing

In this FREE webinar, you will learn about new materials, adhesives, and the converting capabilities, including advances in PSA’s for bus bars, that will help you improve solar manufactur...

Chipworks Real Chips Blog

DICK JAMES is a 40-year veteran of the semiconductor industry and the senior technology analyst for Chipworks, an Ottawa, Canada-based specialty reverse engineering company. Chipworks analyses a broad range of devices, giving Dick a unique overview of what technologies make it into the real world of semiconductor production.

GlobalFoundries takes on Intel with 14nm finFET “eXtreme Mobility” process

A week after Intel were claiming that their 14nm process will be ready to go at the end of next year, G... Read More >>

The Elephant Has Left the Room – 450 mm is a Go!

It's the day before Semicon opens up, and we have had a slew of announcements on 450 mm, the biggest of... Read More >>

Test Point Blog

Observations and opinions about semiconductor test, and the factors that drive how test plays a strategic role throughout the semiconductor design and production process.

Engineering education hits the highway with Oregon State’s solar race car team

Some readers may recall from last year when I wrote that “Engineering Education is Tough And Needs to Stay That Way.” This year, I’d like to expand a little on that theme of the importance of engineering education and express my admiration for a group who are taking lessons lear... More Blogs >>

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Insights From Leading Edge Blog

Dr. Phil Garrou gives his insight into leading edge developments in 3-D integration and advanced packaging, reporting the latest technical goings on from conferences, conversations, and more.

IFTLE 118 IMAPS 2012 part 2

Continuing our look at 3D and advanced packaging presentations at IMAPS 2012.Shinko and CEA LetiWith the recent announcements by Xilinx, Altera and others the commercial production of 2.5D products on "high density" interposers... Read More >>

IFTLE 117: Tezzaron acquires SVTC fab; 3DIC activity at IMAPS 2012 part 1

Tezzaron acquires Texas SVTC facilityBob Patti of Tezzaron Semiconductor has been touting the merits of 3DIC for longer than most everyone else in our industry. Bob first announced a partnership with Chartered Semi to scale up ... Read More >>

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