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3M mirror film boosts tenKsolar solar PV array

March 31, 2011 -- The tenKsolar RAIS Wave commercial solar array integrates the 3M Cool Mirror Film 330 reflective material, enabling it to generate up to 60% more annual energy per square foot of rooftop than a typical installation with conventional solar. At the same time, the technology substantially reduces photovoltaic (PV) system costs, and provides net energy savings to the building by reducing rooftop temperatures under the array.

"The tenKsolar innovative module design is well suited for additional solar flux, as well as partial shading," said 3M's business development manager for renewable energy, Dr. Daniel Chen. 3M's Cool Mirror Film 330 increases power production from a low concentrating solar array.

3M Cool Mirror Film 330 offers a low photopic reflectance, and minimal heat reflection. These features lead to a substantial gain in power from tenKsolar modules at a lower cost than that of conventional PV modules.

In its first six months of production, tenKsolar shipments are approaching 2MW of its arrays and has several megawatts of orders booked.

3M recently commissioned a grid-tied 4.5KW tenKsolar RAIS Wave solar array at its Cottage Grove facility.

tenKsolar designs, manufactures and markets productive and reliable photovoltaic solutions. The tenKsolar RAIS Wave solution offers a complete, turnkey commercial rooftop solar photovoltaic system with high energy density, safe low voltage, and low cost of installation. More information about tenKsolar can be found at http://www.tenksolar.com/. More information on 3M can be found at www.3M.com.

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