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Schiller Automation creates Photovoltaics business unit

March 23, 2011 -- Under a corporate reorganization, Schiller Automation will target the solar cell and module production equipment industry with a Photovoltaics business unit, separate from an Automotive & Electronics business unit.

The Photovoltaics segment of the company will produce products for customized fab automation in the fields of thin-film solar modules and crystalline solar cells, as well as the new product series SunRiser in the field of module production.

Karl-Heinz Bahnmüller will head the PV business unit and represent that group and foreign business in the Management Board.

Assembly lines, automated testing systems and handling systems from production fields in automotive and power modules, sensors, electronic control units and circuitry form part of the Automotive & Electronics segment.

The structural reorganization began in January and is expected to continue until mid-year.

Schiller Automation provides automation and system solutions, focusing on integrated production and handling systems for the entire automation of manufacturing plants for the production of thin-film solar cells, the production of crystalline solar cells and complex microelectronic products and assemblies. Learn more at

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