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Poly Plant Project fills new polysilicon plant in China

(January 4, 2011 - Marketwire) -- Poly Plant Project, Inc. (PPP), advanced polysilicon production process technology and polysilicon production equipment provider to solar and semiconductor industries, received an order for its TCS-based polysilicon production process technology and key equipment from Baotou City Shansheng New Energy Co. Ltd.

PPP will be providing the basic engineering package (BEP) for the entire polysilicon production and key equipment packages for the 3000 Metric Tons/Year (MTY) capacity solar grade polysilicon (SOG) plant. Once the polysilicon plant is completed with PPP's support, Shansheng New Energy Company will be a vertically integrated PV company with its own coal and quartz mines, coal-fired power generation plant, metallurgical-grade silicon (MGSi) production, polysilicon production, ingot pulling, and cell and module production lines as well as having PV-power-generating installations.

"In addition to the process technology required for this state-of-the-art polysilicon production plant, PPP will also provide the CVD Reactors, power supplies and a large package of key equipment, all of which have been designed and integrated into the complete plant design by our engineering team," said Jan Maurits, president of Poly Plant Project, Inc.

Shansheng New Energy Company is starting with this 3,000 MTY SOG plant and has plans to increase polysilicon production up to as much as 18,000 MTY to meet their anticipated downstream demand for feedstock material. Shansheng New Energy Company is currently producing about 200MW in modules and will expand module production to 1GW in the next few years.

"Working with Poly Plant Project, Inc. will enable Shansheng New Energy Company to realize its goal of being a completely integrated and self-sufficient photovoltaic company," said Baoli Tian, VP and sales director of Baotou City Shansheng New Energy Company. "We chose PPP because they are providing us with a complete, efficient polysilicon production solution that will enable us to compete with any company in terms of cost per kilogram of polysilicon produced at our plant. PPP's plant design will provide Shansheng New Energy Company with a low cost of operation by reducing electricity consumption and the closed loop design is environmentally friendly."

PPP's comprehensive BEP plant solution includes PPP's proprietary Cold Conversion hydrogenation process technology for trichlorosilane (TCS) production, TCS purification, polysilicon deposition, and chlorosilanes recovery and neutralization. PPP is also providing a comprehensive package of key specialty equipment for TCS production, polysilicon deposition (CVD Reactors), as well as other heat recovery and heat transfer equipment that lowers energy consumption. PPP's Field Services team is providing project management, construction and installation support, commissioning and startup support, ramp-up to reach nameplate capacity as well as plant troubleshooting and optimization services.

PPP is also providing a set of guarantees including the plant's polysilicon output and the purity of the polysilicon material produced using PPP's process technology and equipment.

Poly Plant Project Inc. provides the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries with advanced polysilicon and PV production solutions. From modular process technology and equipment packages to complete plants, PPP's customized solutions integrate proven polysilicon production process technology and polysilicon production equipment, engineering, project support and field services required to design, build and operate world-class, high-purity polysilicon production plants. For more information: www.PolyPlantProject.com

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