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Laird phase change material enables stencil-applied TIM

April 23, 2011 -- Laird Technologies Inc. released the Tpcm 580SP Series phase change material, a high-performance, screen-printable or stencilable thermal interface material (TIM) product with a thermal conductivity of 4.0W/mK that provides an alternative to thermal grease.

The PCM pad contains a solvent that assists in processing, which allows for surface wetting. After drying, the solvent is moistureless to the touch, and therefore eliminates the mess associated with thermal grease.

Once the solvent is removed, Tpcm 580SP begins to soften and flow at temperatures around 45?C, minimizing thermal contact resistance by filling in the microscopic irregularities of the components it touches.

Because Tpcm 580SP softens but does not fully change states; it minimizes migration (pump out) under thermal cycling from room temperature to chip device operating temperatures.

The Tpcm 580SP series is designed for manual screen printing and large-volume automatic operations. It suits applications including high-frequency microprocessors, notebook PCs, desktop PCs, computer servers, DC/DC converters, memory modules, cache chips, IGBTs, and automotive and optical electronics.

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