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CEA-Leti ramps 300mm 3D packaging/integration line

January 17, 2011 -- CEA-Leti is expanding its technology offering, ramping up one of Europe’s first 300mm lines dedicated to 3D-integration applications.

The new line, dedicated to R&D and prototyping, includes 3D-oriented lithography, deep etching, dielectric deposition, metallization, wet etching, and packaging tools that will be available for Leti’s customers and partners around the world.

By adding this technology to its existing 300mm CMOS R&D line, Leti now can offer heterogeneous integration technologies to customers on both 200 and 300mm wafers.

It will allow Leti to apply its 3D-integration generic processes on 300mm wafers. This 3D toolbox includes a large portfolio of through-silicon vias (TSV), and advanced capabilities in alignment, bonding, thinning, and interconnects in specific integration schemes for manufacturing optimized die stacks and building efficient advanced-systems solutions. This will be done in close collaboration with local design and characterization platforms.

"This extension offers important new capabilities to equipment manufacturers and other Leti partners," said Laurent Malier, CEO of Leti.

CEA is a French research and technology public organization, with activities in four main areas: energy, information technologies, healthcare technologies and defence and security. Within CEA, the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology (CEA-Leti) works with companies in order to increase their competitiveness through technological innovation and transfers. CEA-Leti is focused on micro and nanotechnologies and their applications, from wireless devices and systems, to biology and healthcare or photonics. Nanoelectronics and microsystems (MEMS) are at the core of its activities. For more information, visit www.leti.fr.

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