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PV cell shipper minimizes breakage, increases shipping density, says Entegris

February 16, 2011 - GLOBE NEWSWIRE -- Entegris Inc. launched a multifunction shipper designed to provide photovoltaic (PV) wafer, cell and module manufacturers with decreased cell breakage, improved transportation efficiencies, lower warehouse and labor costs, and reduced waste.

In developing the new shipper, Entegris integrated input from leading cell manufacturers to increase protection and shipment density and add reuse and recycling capabilities and automation. Constructed with cleanable polypropylene materials, the Entegris multifunction shipper can be used multiple times and recycled efficiently.

The shipping system maximizes the number of cells or wafers on a pallet, adding more cells per shipment and reducing warehousing space.

It can be integrated efficiently into factory automation systems, as it serves as both a sorting bin and a shipper, eliminating the need for an operator to manually transfer the wafers or cells.

The shipper will be featured at the 5th SNEC International Solar Industry and Photovoltaic Exhibition and Conference in Shanghai, China on February 22-24, 2011. Conference attendees can visit Entegris at Booth E630 Hall 1.

Entegris provides a wide range of products for purifying, protecting and transporting critical materials used in processing and manufacturing in photovoltaic, semiconductor, life sciences and other high-tech industries. Additional information can be found at www.entegris.com.

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