EV Group and Brewer Science Establish Ultra-thin Wafer Bonding Lab


ST. FLORIAN, AUSTRIA AND ROLLA, MO — In response to a call for localized support and increased demand of 3D IC process development in Asia Pacific, EV Group (EVG) and Brewer Science, Inc. have set out to outfit an ultra-thin wafer bonding lab in Taiwan. To this end, the companies announced the installation of an EVG 500 series wafer-bonding system at Brewer Science’s Taiwan applications lab in Hsinchu Science Park.

This move reportedly continues the momentum of the two companies’ joint development efforts to speed commercialization of through-silicon via (TSV) technology and leverage their bonding and materials expertise for thin wafer handling in Taiwan. Stefan Pargfrieder, EVG’s business development manager, explained that the leading adopters of novel processes, such as TSV, are based primarily in the Asia Pacific region. “The move to jointly manage customer process development locally is a logical progression in advancing our partnership efforts with Brewer Science,” he said. “By leveraging Brewer Science’s facility and equipping them to handle temporary bonding demonstrations, it allows us to have faster cycle times and a more centralized hands-on lab to collaborate closely to adapt the process to our Asia-Pacific customers’ requirements.”

“Adding EVG’s 500 series bonder to the laboratory in Taiwan will help accelerate the adoption of TSV and 3D packaging technology in the region.” predicts Mark Privett, product manager of bonding materials at Brewer Science, Inc. He said that by equipping the lab with the bonder also provides local engineers with a regional location for process training.

EVG and Brewer Science first announced ultra-thin wafer handling capability for TSV creation to enable 3D chip stacking in December 2007. EVG’s 500 series wafer bonding system was integrated in the applications lab in December 2008. To formally initiate the joint efforts in Taiwan, the companies hosted a technology workshop in Hsinchu on January 15, 2009, featuring presentations by EVG and Brewer Science specialists on solutions for 3D interconnects using thin-wafer handling technology.

Replisaurus/S.E.T. to Collaborate with IMEC on 3D Integration

SAINT JEOIRE, FRANCE — Smart Equipment Technology (S.E.T.), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Replisaurus Technologies, announced a collaboration with IMEC to develop die pick-and-place and bonding processes for 3D chip integration using S.E.T.’s flip chip bonder equipment. As part of the collaboration, S.E.T. will join IMEC’s Industrial Affiliation Program (IIAP) on 3D integration.

IMEC’s 3D integration program explores 3D technology and design for applications in various domains, focusing on 3D wafer-level packaging and 3D stacked-ICs, to find cost-effective uses for 3D interconnects. The joint development program will use the S.E.T. FC300, a high-accuracy (=0.5µm), high force (4,000N) device bonder system for D2D and D2W bonding on wafers up to 300mm. The parties will collaborate to develop highly-accurate pick-and-place and low-temperature bonding processes, which are required by advanced 3D integration schemes. The program is scheduled to begin during the first quarter of ‘09.

The FC300 complements the toolset IMEC has in place for 3D integration, and allows them to take the process from 200 — 300mm wafers, noted Mike Thompson, COO, Replisaurus. In addition, he said IMEC provides a “very nice forum”, giving Replisaurus the opportunity to take advantage of other opportunities down the road.

Luc van den Hove, executive V.P. and COO of IMEC, says both Replisaurus and S.E.T. technologies are interesting for advanced packaging applications, and that S.E.T.’s FC300 device bonder system will help complete IMEC’s program.”The integration of the FC300 will be a welcome addition to our 3D program, as is the participation of S.E.T. and Replisaurus,” said van den Hove.

The FC300 is complimentary to electrochemical pattern replication (ECPR) technology, which is well-suited for advanced 3D integration and related applications, notes James Quinn, CEO of Replisaurus. “IMEC’s installation of the FC300 is fully in line with Replisaurus’ product and technology portfolio, which offers game-changing opportunities to the global chip market,” he said, adding that in to IMEC, other research institutes and companies with R&D initiatives have expressed interest in the FC300.

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