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Aries Adds CSP Optical FA Test Sockets for EMMI or Optical Sensor Applications

(June 25, 2010) BRISTOL, PA -- Aries Electronics, manufacturer of interconnection products, now offers a chipscale package (CSP) test socket with a window that optically exposes 100% of the top of the device under test (DUT) for failure analysis (FA) testing for emission microscopy (EMMI) or optical sensor applications.

Traditionally, a hole in the socket lid only exposes a maximum of 85% of the top of the DUT surface.

Available with or without filters for UV, infrared and full spectrum applications, Aries' new optical FA test socket can be used for laser FA microscopy testing using EMMI and laser signal injection microscopy (LSIM) techniques. These FA techniques are efficient, non-invasive optical analysis tools used to detect and localize certain IC failures with maximum clarity and contrast. The techniques can be performed from either the front or back of the device.

The optical test socket line can accommodate many different optical window and lens materials, including quartz crystal, sapphire and clear plastic depending on operational requirements. The window on the standard socket uses a high-quality optical quartz V077 glass with a 98% transmission rate from <260 nm in the near UV through to >2,000 nm in the infrared.

The new test socket can be matched to any existing socket footprint (from Aries or any other manufacturer), allowing an existing PCB to be used for FA testing or for combined testing requirements.  The socket can accommodate IC device sizes from 0.75 mm² and up and with an IC pitch from 0.30 mm and higher. Consult Aries for device sizes greater than 40 mm and for custom footprint layouts.

The standard contact system uses the patented Aries 2-piece spring probes with an estimated contact life of 500,000 cycles and an operating temperature of -55°C to +150°C (-67°F to +302°F).  High-speed spring probes and conductive elastomeric Kapton interposers are available for RF applications from 1 GHz to over 40 GHz.

As with all Aries sockets, the new CSP optical test socket is available in custom materials, platings, sizes and configurations to suit specific customer applications. Pricing is dependent on the number of device leads and the type of device pitch.

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