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Honeywell releases new RadLo low alpha plating anodes for semiconductor packaging applicatons
Honeywell introduces new copper manganese sputtering targets
Honeywell taps Tezzaron Semiconductor to stack rad-hard die
Honeywell doubles semiconductor Cu and Sn production
Honeywell to develop precision micro sensor gyro for smart munitions and hand held devices
Honeywell, Loba Chemie sign agreement to distribute lab chemicals in India
Honeywell expands AclarR production for pharmaceutical industry
Honeywell to Develop Flexible Electronics Materials with USDC
Honeywell expanding packaging center
Honeywell to Expand Packaging Materials R&D;
Honeywell, USDC to make new FPD materials
DuPont, Honeywell tout low-cost titanium powder
Honeywell hikes titanium mill output
Honeywell debuts flexible phase-change material
Bell Helicopter chooses Honeywell MEMS system
Honeywell Analytics launches in 2006
Honeywell Steps Up Titanium Sponge Production
Honeywell to manufacture 300mm PVD sputtering targets in A/P
Honeywell Expands Asia-Pacific Materials Manufacturing
Honeywell joins Albany NanoTech to focus on materials for the semiconductor industry
Honeywell to invest in Albany Nanotech
New Honeywell foundry to produce 150nm radiation-hardened semiconductors
Honeywell Wafer-thinning Materials Now Available
Honeywell Receives Award from Samsung Electronics
Honeywell Appoints New VP and GM for Electronic Materials
Micronics licenses technology to Honeywell
Honeywell Confirms 2004 Earnings Per Share Guidance
Honeywell acquires Mitsubishi's stake in GEM Microelectronic Materials
Honeywell Acquires Stake in GEM Microelectronic Materials
Honeywell, Sioptical to co-develop MEMS-based components
Honeywell Announces Price Increase for Electronic Chemicals Products
Honeywell acquires Intri-Plex Technologies' Thermal Solutions product line
Honeywell names execs
Honeywell names CTO
Honeywell protests chemicals deal
Report: Dow Chemical, Honeywell high scorers in nano
Honeywell buys Unaxis' MEMS etching system
Colibrys ends distribution deal with Honeywell
Zyvex makes pact with Honeywell
Honeywell to build Thailand packaging components facility
Cleanrooms on the radar of Honeywell, Air Purification Technologies alliance
Honeywell, Air Purification Technologies Unite to Tackle IAQ issues
Honeywell names first clean bowling alley in Oklahoma