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Low shrinkage adhesive for optical assembly eliminates parts movement

January 27, 2011 -- A fast-cure, low-shrinkage adhesive for optics and optical assembly, DYMAX OP-67-LS opto-mechanical adhesive cures in seconds for bonding of optical components. The product's low-shrink nature virtually eliminates movement during curing and subsequent thermal cycling.

OP-67-LS offers the ability to "cure on demand" with exposure to longwave UV and visible light, allowing maximum flexibility in positioning parts prior to cure. OP-67-LS features 0.2% linear shrinkage upon cure.

OP-67-LS offers superior moisture resistance, very low outgassing, and adhesion to a variety of substrates including metal, glass, ceramic and polycarbonate, allowing its use in many critical and demanding applications such as fibre-optic "V" groove bonding, positioning laser diodes, fibre pig tailing, transceiver potting, VCSEL positioning and mounting active devices, or passive couplers, prisms and other optical device assemblies.

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Learn more at http://www.intertronics.co.uk/products/lensbond.htm

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