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Standard Solar partners with Sol Systems

(November 22, 2010) -- Standard Solar Inc., provider of full-service development, installation and financing of solar electric systems for commercial, government and residential customers, partnered with Sol Systems, solar renewable energy credit (SREC) aggregator. The partnership will help make alternative energy solutions more affordable for Standard Solar customers.

This partnership will help businesses and homeowners significantly cut costs of their solar energy systems, and help those considering solar energy to realize that alternative energy is an affordable solution, said Standard Solar president Scott Wiater.Read more about solar installation choices.

Solar renewable energy credits are a critical component to making solar energy an affordable option for homeowners and businesses, and can compose up to 30% of a solar energy system’s payback. Through Standard Solar’s partnership with Sol Solutions, customers will have access to competitive SREC pricing and the resources to secure the maximum benefit from their SRECs.

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Through one SREC program, Sol Upfront, customers can receive immediate financing for their systems. Sol Systems will purchase all estimated SREC production for a 10-year period, providing customers with a one-time, lump-sum payment that can be used to pay off installation costs. The Sol Annuity SREC option allows customers to lock in the current SREC rate and receive payments for each full SREC produced. This gives customers reliable, quarterly payments as solar energy is generated.

Standard Solar is also participating in Sol Lease, which allows Washington DC homeowners, schools, churches, businesses and non-profits to secure solar energy with no up-front costs. By paying a fixed, monthly payment, these groups can enjoy the savings and benefits of solar energy produced from a solar energy system for a 10-year contract term.

Standard Solar, Inc. is a leader in the full-service development, construction, integration, financing and installation of solar electric systems. For more information, please visit

Sol Systems is a Washington D.C.-based solar energy finance and development firm that was built on the principle that solar energy should be an economically viable energy solution. For more information, please visit