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inXitu XRD tailored to nanoengineered materials

(December 29, 2010 - -- Nanotechnology and nanoengineered materials are being developed rapidly for a large number of applications in all kind of sectors and products. The ability to determine nano-sized materials' performance parameters is made possible, in part, through characterization by x-ray diffraction (XRD). From particle size paremeters to phase identification and confirmation, XRD is playing a vital role in this emerging industry.

inXitu Inc. provides benchtop and portable XRD-based instrumentation specializing in developing the technologies required to enable the next generation of scientific instruments used for materials analysis including a recently introduced variant of its popular benchtop instrument, BTX II. The technology used in its portable rock and mineral analyzer is used with specific application to nanoengineered materials. This new line of instruments offers performance comparable to laboratory XRD systems with the benefit of ease of use, significantly reduced sample preparation and reduced cost of acquisition and operation, the company reports.

The powder handling methods can improve the quality of XRD data while reducing the requirements for sample preparation. inXitu’s patented technique enables quality XRD data collection regardless of the grain size of the sample. Grain sizes up to 400um have been tested producing data normally obtained with micron-size particles.

Incorporating key technologies from its portable XRD instrument and advanced sample handling techniques, inXitu has developed solutions targeted for identification and analysis in the areas of material analysis, pharmaceuticals, forensics, art and archaeological materials. Learn more at

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