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Feed-forward overlay control in lithography processes using CGS
Allegro MicroSystems announces new 2D speed and direction sensor IC using vertical and planar Hall elements
UMC enters high volume touch IC production using foundry industry's first 0.11um eFlash process
Apple is using 20% of worldwide sapphire capacity – and that may be just the beginning
New technology using silver may hold key to electronics advances
Researchers create transparent, stretchable conductors using nano-accordion structure
Next-generation illumination using silicon quantum dot-based white-blue LED
UW scientists build a nanolaser using a single atomic sheet
Dramatic results achieved in cleaving glass using ultra-short pulsed lasers
SCHOTT advances MEMS technology by using HermeS glass wafers with through glass vias
Leti and LUCIOM focusing on high-data-rate bidirectional transceivers for enriched LiFi applications
First automotive MCU manufactured using GlobalFoundries' 55nm automotive-specific platform
In-line high-K/metal gate monitoring using picosecond ultrasonics
Samsung now mass producing the most advanced 4Gb DDR3 using 20nm process technology
Using holograms to improve electronic devices
Open-Silicon and GLOBALFOUNDRIES demonstrate custom 28nm SoC using 2.5D technology
Are we using Moore's name in vain?
Toshiba launches new embedded NAND flash memory using 19nm process technology
IBM Research makes world’s smallest movie using atoms
Samsung mass producing high-performance NAND Flash memory using 10nm-class process technology
Aledia makes its first LEDS on 8-inch silicon wafers using microwire technology
Avago MEMS Filter: The highest volume production MEMS using TSV
Automated Test Creation for Mixed Signal IP using IJTAG
Low-cost MEMS fabrication using injection molding
Using waste silicon to make Li-ion batteries
Apple’s new iPad display may be causing a supplier shakeup
STATS ChipPAC ships 1 billionth package using copper wire bonds
Model-based mask data prep using overlapping shots for 20nm devices
Secondary semiconductor equipment: Who's using 200mm, 300mm tools
SEMICON West workshop addresses stress management for 3D ICs using TSVs
High-k metal gate characterization using picosecond ultrasonic technology
Nanolasers grown on silicon using MOCVD
Backside wafer particle reduction using ionization in PVD
Cost-effective advanced copper metallization using ECPR
Production metrology of advanced metallization structures using XRR and WA-XRD
Using Casimir forces to lubricate MEMS devices
Using soluble gap-fill materials in VFTL integration
CombiMatrix announces positive data using cancer array
Optimizing lithographic stack materials when using hyper-NA exposure tools
Solder-free Connectors Using Buckled Pillars
Carl Zeiss touts microscopy mark using scanning helium ions
NIH awards $3M grant for lung disease research using WaferGen's SmartChip
Wake Forest using "lab-on-bead" to seek cancer-fighting drugs
Fabs, toolmakers using downturn to gear up for next upcycle
Researchers write protein nanoarrays using a fountain pen, electric fields
Using living cells as nanotechnology factories
Luna Innovations receives funding for brain cancer diagnostic agent using nanotechnology
Laminated Housing Technology