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Dolomite launches Small Droplet Chip

March 21, 2011 -- Dolomite, microfluidic designer and manufacturer, introduced a new range of Small Droplet Chips, glass microfluidic devices that can be used with the Droplet Advanced System to generate highly monodispersed micro-droplets.

For producing and analyzing microemulsions, the Small Droplet Chips allow the user to create micro-droplets from 5 to 30μm in diameter. The devices feature a 14 x 17μm X-junction with hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface properties and benefit from on-chip filters, which are provided at chip entry to prevent microchannel blockage.

Microemulsions offer increased stability, a higher interfacial area, and the capacity to solubilize both aqueous and oil-soluble compounds, says Dolomite. Monodispersed microemulsions are used in applications such as food research, materials science and drug delivery, where smaller droplets allow improved control over the targeting and release of active compounds. The near circular microchannel profile at the junction of the Small Droplet Chip encourages stable and controllable droplet formation.

Operating over a pressure range up to 30bar, the Small Droplet Chips are compatible with Dolomite's Top Interface 4-way and Linear Connector 4-way, allowing quick and reliable fluidic connection to 1.6mm OD tubing. The Small Droplet Chip is also available in quartz for improved optical transmission.

In addition, Dolomite offers custom solutions for the generation of microemulsions below 3μm in diameter.

Dolomite is pioneering the use of microfluidic devices for small-scale fluid control and analysis, enabling manufacturers to develop more compact, cost-effective and powerful instruments. For more information please visit

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