Australia, Oct. 26 -- NFC Forum Inc., Massachusetts, U.S., owns the trademark (1312929) for 'NFC NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION CERTIFIED' and '2 ANGLED STRIPES FORM LTRS NFC IN SQUARE,ROUNDED-CORNERS' from Aug. 3, 2009, through Aug. 3, 2019.

Status: Registered/Protected Class: 9 [Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound, images and/or data; software for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound, images and or data; magnetic identity cards; radio frequency identification integrated circuits, mobile telephones, telephone headsets, computer servers; data processing equipment, namely, desktop and mobile computers and computer hardware; peripheral electronic equipment, namely, keyboards, mice, track ball devices, printers, plotters, scanners, usb devices, digital cameras, television remote controls, joy sticks, game controllers, web cams, speakers, microphones, Braille displays and embossers; and computer programs for providing information on goods and services to consumers, for providing building and facilities access, for sharing of electronic files and data between electronic devices and for providing faster connections between electronic devices; interfaces, namely, network interface devices for wireless communication technologies; peripheral equipment, namely, data card readers, bar code scanners and readers for contactless IC cards and mobile phones; magnetic encoded cards for identifying individuals authorized to enter facilities or use computers; contactless IC cards used for making electronic payments; transponders; computer chips, semiconductors, integrated circuits; wireless PC cards] [Endorsements: Convention priority claimed: 22 May 2009, United States of America, No. 77/743145 in respect of APPARATUS FOR RECORDING, TRANSMISSION OR REPRODUCTION OF SOUND, IMAGES AND/OR DATA; SOFTWARE FOR RECORDING, TRANSMISSION OR REPRODUCTION OF SOUND, IMAGES AND OR DATA; MAGNETIC IDENTITY CARDS; RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION INTEGRATED CIRCUITS, MOBILE TELEPHONES, TELEPHONE HEADSETS, COMPUTER SERVERS; DATA PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, NAMELY, DESKTOP AND MOBILE COMPUTERS AND COMPUTER HARDWARE; PERIPHERAL ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT, NAMELY, KEYBOARDS, MICE, TRACK BALL DEVICES, PRINTERS, PLOTTERS, SCANNERS, USB DEVICES, DIGITAL CAMERAS, TELEVISION REMOTE CONTROLS, JOY STICKS, GAME CONTROLLERS, WEB CAMS, SPEAKERS, MICROPHONES, BRAILLE DISPLAYS AND EMBOSSERS; AND COMPUTER PROGRAMS FOR PROVIDING INFORMATION ON GOODS AND SERVICES TO CONSUMERS, FOR PROVIDING BUILDING AND FACILITIES ACCESS, FOR SHARING OF ELECTRONIC FILES AND DATA BETWEEN ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND FOR PROVIDING FASTER CONNECTIONS BETWEEN ELECTRONIC DEVICES; INTERFACES, NAMELY, NETWORK INTERFACE DEVICES FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES; PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENT, NAMELY, DATA CARD READERS, BAR CODE SCANNERS AND READERS FOR CONTACTLESS IC CARDS AND MOBILE PHONES; MAGNETIC ENCODED CARDS FOR IDENTIFYING INDIVIDUALS AUTHORIZED TO ENTER FACILITIES OR USE COMPUTERS; CONTACTLESS IC CARDS USED FOR MAKING ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS; TRANSPONDERS; COMPUTER CHIPS, SEMICONDUCTORS, INTEGRATED CIRCUITS; WIRELESS PC CARDS; COMPONENT PARTS AND FITTINGS FOR ALL OF THE AFOREMENTIONED GOODS.*] Type of Mark: Composite Lodgement Date: Aug. 3, 2009 Date of Acceptance: June 27 Registration Advertised: Oct. 25 For further details contact DibbsBarker, Sydney. The original document can be viewed at:;_search_no=1&p;_ExtDisp=D&p;_detail=DETAILED&p;_rec_no=4&p;_rec_all=447 For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at [email protected]

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