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Solar for developing nations: Microgrids and provability

March 10, 2011 -- Dr. Andy Skumanich, Solar Vision Consulting, chaired a session on "PV around the world," at the Renewable Energy World/Photovoltaics World Conference & Expo and shares the highlights from international presenters on financing, installation, technologies, and microgrids.

PV in developing countries, not just Germany/Europe, is huge. Common themes from Africa, Latin America, and Nepal include financing (installation costs and governments' role) and "provability" of solar energy technologies and value. These are considerations familiar to more established solar PV markets.

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Skumanich also discusses his company's international involvement, including India, where they are assisting with technical and implementation decisions.

Microgrids also came up in the global PV session, which provides a transitional space between off-grid and grid-connected solar PV electrification. Much like cell phones have taken off in Africa, connecting far more rural areas than land-line telecom, so too can micro-grips bridge the gap in developing areas' electrification.

Listen for Skumanich's "Bowl of soup" metric, which he uses to define electricity need and efficiency.

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