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Q-Cells: Poly-Si cells hit record efficiency

September 23, 2009 - Q-Cells AG says it has reached 15.9% conversion efficiency (certified by the Fraunhofer ISE) for its polycrystalline silicon solar cells, a world record for mass-production using "common industrial standards." The 249W module built with the cells was made on Q-Cells' €50M "Technikum" pilot line in Thalheim.

The new cells based on a "new-generation" poly-Si produced in the company's production lines have shown up to 17% efficiency, and are targeted for launch sometime in 2010. However, this is "only the beginning," assured company chairman Anton Milner, in a statement, noting that the new mark shows the competitive prowess of both the company and Germany as a whole -- "especially compared to more commoditized producers using standard technologies in low-cost countries."


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