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Aries 0.30mm-pitch test sockets suit BGA, CSP, MLF packages

(January 7, 2011) -- Aries Electronics, an international manufacturer of standard, programmed and custom interconnection products, now offers machined high-frequency center probetest sockets to accommodate IC devices with a lead pitch of 0.30mm. With very low inductance and capacitance, the sockets suit various ball grid array (BGA), chip scale package (CSP), and micro land frame (MLF) packages.

Reduced inductance, increased board density and finer-pitch array packages are made possible thanks to a four-point crown or sharp point gold-plated 0.30mm-pitch probe pin, spring and flanged bottom pin, which contacts the tail of the probe pin to shorten the signal path. A signal path of 0.077" (1.96mm) allows for minimal signal loss and higher bandwidth capacity with the new Aries' machined high-frequency sockets.

The solderless pressure mount spring probes allow easy mounting of the socket to a test board and device solder ball or pad, while socket locating posts ensure accurate positioning of the socket to the board. The sockets are equipped with chip guides to allow exact device location and four-point edge male contacts for precise mating of the device. The socket's small footprint ensures maximum use of the test board area for increased efficiency.

Spring loaded contacts, made of gold-plated beryllium copper, provide a high life cycle of up to 500,000 cycles. Socket body material is Torlon PAI and all hardware is stainless steel.

The socket's contact forces are 15g per contact on a 0.30-0.35mm pitch, 16g per contact on a 0.40-0.45mm pitch and 25g per contact on a 0.50mm pitch or larger. Contact resistance is less than 40 milliohms. Probe self-inductance on the new socket is 0.51nH for large probes and 0.59nH for small probes.

The socket accepts solder ball sizes from 0.15 to 0.93mm. Insertion loss is 1dB to 10.1GHz for a larger probe at 0.80mm pitch and 1dB to 18.7GHz for a smaller probe at 0.50mm pitch.

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