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Italian solar association Assosolare restructures for growth

(October 4, 2010) -- Assosolare, the Italian PV Industry Association, finalized a plan to make its structure stronger to meet more effectively the needs of Italy's fast-growing solar photovoltaics (PV) market and the important challenges that the Association will face in the next coming months.

The Board of Directors nominated as new Secretary General Francesca Marchini, a lawyer with ten years experience as legal director for national and international banks such as Caboto (Gruppo Intesa San Paolo) and Barclays, as well as posts at prestigious law firms. Ms Marchini will focus mainly on the institutional lobby activities on a national and international level, and will assist the Board of Directors in the lead of the Association, safeguarding its institutional role.

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The new structure will introduce more specialized members of the staff in the legal-administration and technical-engineering areas, as well as a new person devoted to marketing and educational events.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturers produced a record 10,700MW of PV cells globally in 2009, and Italy was first runner-up (behind Germany) in newly installed PV in 2009 with 730 megawatts, more than doubling its total installed capacity. The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) says that global solar PV installations were about 6.4GW in 2009, vs. total global capacity of >20GW -- "the most important annual capacity increase ever," particularly in light of the global economic quagmire. Top markets in order were Germany, Italy, and Japan

Gianni Chianetta, president of Assosolare, comments: “The new structure became necessary to support the growth of the Association and boost its presence on the market. Assosolare has become the point of reference and the main partner to all the photovoltaics market’s Institutions, in such a significant moment and tremendous development of solar energy in Italy”.

To accommodate the new staff, the Association has moved to a new head office, located in Piazza Luigi di Savoia 2, in Milan, Italy.

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