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Alpha-Core intros line of amorphous magnetic C-Cores for HF electronics

(July 27, 2010) -- Alpha-Core, a division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc., is introducing a new line of Magnetic Amorphous C-Cores. With its superior magnetic properties, Amorphous Cores offer several advantages over steel, ferrite, and powdered iron cores.

The amorphous cores are said to offer almost 50% size and weight reductions due to its much higher saturation induction. Its thin lamination thickness of 1 mil (25 µm) results in much lower core losses. Amorphous Cores can operate at higher frequencies at the same flux level while conventional steel cores as the frequency increases must operate at lower flux densities and to compensate the designer must use larger size cores. Another advantage is a wide operating temperature range from -55° to 130°C.

The properties of Amorphous C-cores make them highly suitable for transformers in switching mode power supplies (SMPS) operating at frequencies from 400Hz to 20KHz and inverters in solar panels, wind turbines and welding equipment. Other uses that benefit from Amorphous cores include output filter chokes in large SMPS, power factor correction chokes in UPS systems and high-power lamp ballasts. The amorphous magnetic alloy is made in a process in which molten metal is cast into thin ribbons.

Alpha-Core will stock Amorphous Cores with power ratings (Wa cm2) from 3.3 to 966.0. For more information, visit

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