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Bruker DektakXT stylus profiler achieves <0.5nm repeatability, faster scan

March 21, 2011 -- Bruker released the DektakXT stylus profiler, a production system with sustained repeatability of under 5 angstroms (<0.5nm).

The tenth generation of Dektak systems, DektakXT features a single-arch design with enhanced metrology features, a 64-bit parallel processing software architecture (Bruker's Vision64 operating and analysis software, with access to over 200 distinct analyses), and a true-color HD camera.

The system performs nanometer-scale film thickness and surface texture measurements with improved gage repeatability and up to 40% faster scan performance. The new scanning subsystem and λ/10 optically flat reference enable improved baseline stability and the faster scan speeds. It offers low floor noise technology and integrated scalability.

DektakXT uses Dektak's single sensor head design for optimum scanning flexibility and "Easy Tip Exchange" feature for rapid exchange of stylus tips to address a wide range of applications.

Widely used in microelectronics, semiconductor, display, solar, high-brightness LED, medical, scientific and materials science markets, Dektak stylus profilers are precision metrology instruments for production, research and failure analysis facilities. Dektak systems are used in 2D profilometry and 3D surface profiling applications to measure nanometer film thicknesses and step heights, 2D and 3D stress and other critical surface parameters that are vital in R&D, process development and Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) applications.

DektakXT will be demonstrated in Bruker Booth 409 at the Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) TechCon 2011 in Chicago, IL, on April 19-20, 2011. For more information on DektakXT, or to schedule a demo or an appointment at SVC, contact Bruker at +1 (520) 741-1044 ext. 3, [email protected] or visit

Bruker Corporation provides high-performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. For more information about Bruker Corporation, please visit

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