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Tracking, Traceability, and Process Control Products

Managing electronics manufacturing jobs requires adding traceability from the component level to the line, multiple lines, or even multiple factories. Traceability starts at inventory. These new products include component counters, work order tracking software, barcode readers, and laser markers for in-house labeling in the highest security applications.

Manufacturing Execution Software Appraisal Service

The Manufacturing Software Advice service is a free online resource that helps manufacturers find the right software for their enterprise. Software applications covered on Software Advice includes enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and financial accounting. Manufacturers can research and compare leading enterprise software systems. They can also contact Software Advice for free telephone short list consultations, product demonstrations and price quotes, answers to common software questions, and information on the latest trends and best practices. The site helps users to consider which systems address their industry, their mode of manufacturing, their functional requirements, and numerous other criteria. The company's proprietary matching technology helps buyers quickly narrow down which software products meet their criteria. Manufacturers are able to develop a short list of systems to evaluate further. Currently, Software Advice profiles products from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Epicor and IFS, among others. Participating vendors serve a wide range of industries and manufacturing modes. Software Advice,

SMD Counter in Aluminum Carry Case

A high-speed surface mount component counter, the MegaXP is housed in an aluminum carrying case to be easily carried from stock room to shipping area for incoming or outgoing order verification, or off-premises inventory taking. Set up involves entering the component type and presetting the quantity. After positioning the spindle posts to vertical, the reels are inserted as the taped components are threaded through the sprocket holes. Mega XP, with a rechargeable battery-powered sensor, will count as fast as the operator can turn the hand crank, up to 10,000 CPH. Other features include a built-in accessories compartment and a RS-232 link to an optional adhesive label printer that records inventory data. Manncorp,

Shop-floor Optimization Software

An end to end software suite, DynamiX is designed to integrate solutions that will assist manufacturers in design, planning, monitoring, control, scheduling, box build, traceability, test, and rework processes. The software covers receipt of goods into the production inventory locations through PCB assembly and test, full system assembly and test, and fin al packing of the finished goods ready for shipment. The DynamiX suite of products has been designed to form a comprehensive manufacturing execution system (MES), focusing on discrete manufacturing in the electronics production industry. The Valor MES platform can incorporate integrated functionality, single MES++Platform, flexibility and the DynamiXPortal. Features include vPlan for SMT programming and data management, multi-vendor line balancing, program optimization and process setup documents; vManage for SMT/PCB materials control, material verification and traceability and warehouse and shop-floor management; and vCheck for PCB test with repair loop control, AOI/ICT direct interface, data management and reporting system. Valor Computerized Systems,

Laser Marking

TruTops Mark Navigator software, used in conjunction with TruTop laser markers, reportedly optimizes laser parameters for different laser marking processes and materials, including metal, plastic, and ceramic. No specific laser marking knowledge is required to use Navigator, as an intuitive menu directs the user to choose the appropriate materials, and then the desired process, such as deep engraving, annealing, or ablation. The operator then selects the marking content and designates whether it is an area to be filled, or lines. The TruTops Mark Navigator software creates a test matrix marked on a test piece. The operator then evaluates the test matrix, selects the best field, clicks on it in the software and the laser parameters are transferred directly into the laser marking program. The Navigator’s zoom-in function allows for fine tuning of test patterns. TRUMPF,

Tracking Software

Checkmate Work Order Tracking Software targets small- to mid-sized manufacturers who need to know who is assigned to a job, where it is in the plant, and how long it's been in that location. The software is reportedly easy to use and low-cost compared to more complex integrated work in process (WIP) software sold with the typical manufacturing ERP system. A barcode identification number is printed on the work order using a laser printer or specialized barcode printer. The employee, department, or task is issued a barcoded badge. Each work order is tracked by scanning the badge and the work order identifier each time it moves. The work order remains assigned to that badge until it is scanned to a new badge. Multiple jobs may be assigned to a badge (location) and timeframes may be set for each task and reported when overdue. It can reduce late jobs, identify bottlenecks, improve productivity, reduce employee frustration, and increase on-time production. Dynamic Systems Inc., [email protected]

Integrated Liquid Lens Barcode Imager

The QX Hawk barcode imager is fully integrated with liquid lens technology, enabling infinite focus flexibility. The QX Hawk imager reads any barcode or 2D symbol, including challenging 2D direct part marks (DPM), within seconds of installation. It can read marks at any distance and speed in any environment. Advanced imaging technology, including liquid lens autofocus and modular zoom optics, avoids the need for automation engineers to research multiple configuration options before deployment. Microscan’s liquid lens is deeply embedded within the imaging system of QX Hawk and the optics assembly was designed around a liquid lens to allow the entire imaging system to be optimized, not just focus. The compact high-performance imager uses Microscan’s latest decoding technology to read any mark from a high-density 3.3-mil Data Matrix to a very large linear code to a low-contrast DPM. The QX Hawk features a high resolution modular optical zoom system combined with liquid lens focus control. The reader includes visible LED indicators, targeting laser pattern, “good read” green flash, and an EZ button for instant setup and configuration. Setting up a QX Hawk is almost as easy as using a point-and-shoot digital camera. Simply mount the system and press the EZ button, and it will find any code at any distance within its field of view. QX Hawk leverages the latest dual core ARM/DSP processor and integrated Ethernet protocols to allow high speed image capture as well as real-time configuration and communication, providing the fastest throughput of any product. Microscan,

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