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Apple wins solar patent: Notice

January 11, 2011 -- The US Patent and Trademark Office issued United States Patent 7,868,582, "Portable devices having multiple power interfaces," to Wendell B. Sander (Los Gatos, CA) and Daniel A. Warren (San Jose, CA) of Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA). The patent includes "a plurality of power sources," one of which is a solar power source.

Portable devices having multiple power interfaces are described herein. According to one embodiment of the invention, a portable electronic device includes, but is not limited to, a processor, a memory coupled to the processor for storing instructions, when executed from the memory, cause the processor to perform one or more functions, a battery coupled to provide power to the processor and the memory, and a battery charging manager coupled to charge the battery using power derived from a plurality of power sources including a solar power source. Other methods and apparatuses are also described.

The patent claims a solar power package that can be used to charge the portable electronic device, its battery, and accessories. It also claims that part of the solar cell should be removable. The power provided to the device from the solar cell should be adjustable. Apple's patent refers to the solar power package as a "plug-and-play" method of powering the device, battery, or accessory.

Application Number 12/391,668, Filed February 24, 2009

View the full patent description at USPTO website

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