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Copper-based ink for printed electronics enables screen-print process

(November 22, 2010) -- NovaCentrix announced that Metalon ICI-020, a new copper-based screen ink, will be featured at Printed Electronics USA 2010 in Santa Clara, CA, November 30-December 2, 2010. Pre-printed samples of Metalon ICI-020 screen ink on card stock will be distributed with the registration packs by IDTechEx staff, and attendees may bring their samples to the NovaCentrix exhibit area to cure the ink with NovaCentrix’s PulseForge process tool.
"This new ink is the proper next step for printed electronics conductive materials development. By combining low cost, high performance, use with paper-based substrates and deposition by screen printing, the Metalon ICI-020 screen ink expands the practical utility of printed electronics,” said Stan Farnsworth, VP Marketing. "This event’s size and the diversity of attendees representing all aspects of the development and supply chain makes it the perfect venue to launch this revolutionary new screen-print ink."
The Metalon ICI-020 screen ink is based on the same functional principles as the Metalon ICI-003 inkjet ink.  Copper oxide particles are formulated with a reduction agent. After the ink is printed, a PulseForge tool is used to modulate a reduction reaction thereby converting the copper oxide into a thin film of highly conductive copper. Importantly, this process is performed in ambient air on low temperature substrates at speeds exceeding 100 meters/minute. NovaCentrix received an R&D 100 award in 2010 for its development of this technology as well as recognition by IDTechEx in April of this year at the Printed Electronics Europe event in Dresden, Germany.
NovaCentrix, based in Austin, Texas, is a leader in printed electronics manufacturing technologies. The Company’s PulseForge tools sinter functional inks in milliseconds on low-temperature, flexible substrates such as paper and plastic. NovaCentrix’s tools process a wide array of metal-based conductive inks, as well as non-metallic and semiconductor inks. NovaCentrix also offershigh-performance, economical Metalon conductive inks which work optimally with PulseForge tools. To learn more, please visit

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