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RF MEMS packaging collab from DelfMEMS, KFM Technology

February 1, 2011 -- DelfMEMS and KFM Technology signed a common agreement to combine their expertise in radio frequency (RF) micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and thin film packaging (TFP) technology. The collaboration will enable DelfMEMS to provide a lower-cost, efficient RF MEMS platform and related products targeting mobile applications.

DelfMEMS has a patent portfolio of anchorless micro-mechanical devices for RF applications. DelfMEMS proposes a new integrated micro-mechanical building block based on a new intellectual property (IP) portfolio to improve hot switching behavior, switching time (to <1µsec), and power consumption (12V actuation voltage, electrostatic). The goal is to increase bandwidth while minimizing cost, size, and consumption.

KFM's portfolio of patents covers thin film packaging technologies and transferable high-Q passives. The company provides encapsulation for MEMS and semiconductors at the wafer level (wafer-level packaging - WLP), with R&D focused on single-wafer packaging using polymer or metallic thin-film micro-cap transfer and sealing. This technology should reduce wafer fab costs and increase design/manufacturing flexibility.

Under the collaboration, R&D teams will adapt the packaging design according to the switch configuration, and will optimize the through-package vias for RF performance. Package cost, size, parasitic capacitance, and other factors will be improved. DelfMEMS will not need to change its MEMS fabrication or develop specific release/cleaning steps. DelfMEMS will use the collaboration to provide packaged MEMS switches, fixed capacitors, and high-Q inductors on the same chip.

Thin-film MEMS packaging fits with all the expectations for mobile electronics: size and thickness, cost, integration, overmolding, and performance, said Olivier Millet, CEO, DelfMEMS. The packaging technology permits 3D film transfers for low-cost 3D objects, added Fabrice Verjus, CTO, KFM Technology.

DelfMEMS provides RF switching products based on MEMS technology. Learn more at http://www.delfmems.com/

KFM Technology is a start-up company specializing in collective encapsulation of components and MEMS at the wafer level. Learn more at http://www.kfm-technology.com/

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