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ADA to develop electrochemical ultracapacitors for military, based on CNT electrode materials

February 8, 2011 - BUSINESS WIRE -- ADA Technologies Inc. received an $70,000 contract from the U.S. Army for Phase I research into the development of advanced electrochemical ultracapacitor systems for use in hybrid electronic vehicles (HEVs) for high-power military applications.

ADA's research will leverage its recent work funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in which new low-cost carbon nanotube (CNT) nanocomposite electrode materials were developed and proven in pouch-cell testing.

"ADA has considerable expertise in CNT nanotechnology. We expect the successful completion of this Phase I research to lead to development of ultracapacitors with the energy and power densities needed for military applications. In addition, these ultracapacitors will have safe operation over a wide temperature range and excellent cycle life," said Douglas Campbell, ADA R&D program manager.

ADA's work will be performed in partnership with Maxwell Technologies, Inc., a commercial provider of ultracapacitors for HEV applications.

This material is based upon work supported by the US Army Tank-Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) under Contract No. W56HZV-11-C-0058.

ADA Technologies Inc. is a research, development, and commercialization company that specializes in creating and converting innovative technologies to commercial successes. For more information, visit

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